Bonjour. Hello. Hi.

I'm Florin - Travel Blogger 🌍 & Photographer 📷

In a competitive world, filled with ambitious individuals, I find myself somewhere between struggle and success. Always eager to reach new horizons, explore possibilities and dream of things that sometime may seem impossible to achieve. I love the idea of sharing who you are, your cultural background and trying to do something that can make a difference.

I grew up in a small city in Romania and ever since being involved with international EVS volunteers during High School, I knew that my dream would be to discover the world and all its cultures. I decided that I want to step up my game, so I left Romania for the first time with my best friend back in 2014 when we both applied to study abroad in Portugal with an Erasmus+ Scholarship. I loved it so much, I just had to do it again but this time in another country, Croatia. I came back to Romania in 2017, finished my master's degree and after that, I got two full-time jobs and then I realized that this is definitely not the life that I want. I was craving so much to be abroad, to discover places and I just knew that my place is not here. So I bought a one-way ticket and packed my bags on a late summer night and I moved to Vienna, Austria in 2019 to work for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights.

I started this blog while studying abroad and while discovering the secrets of travelling and...I never stopped since then. I love capturing the beauty of simple things, exploring hidden gems, and creating the best informative travelling articles you'll ever find. Stay tuned!