Tonight: The Second Semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2021

Whoop Whoop, we’re already in the 2nd week of the #Melfest month and things are about to get exciting. Usually the 2nd Semifinal is always held in Gothenburg, my favorite city in Sweden but now due to the current pandemic conditions, all Melfest semis are organized in Stockholm in one of the annexes of the famous Globen stadium.

This week we’re embarking into a new Melodifestivalen journey as another 7 acts will compete for two places in the Grand Final and another two in the Second Chance Round.

Who’s competing

Anton Ewald – “New Religion

Anton is a well know veteran of the Melodifestivalen, having amazing entries in the past, my personal favorite being “Begging” from 2013. I was always wondering if he will ever make a comeback and finally, 8 years later he is back! Sadly though, my expectations were probably way too high because when I first heard “New Religion” I wasn’t that impressed. The overall staging feels extremely similar to what he’s done years ago and I guess this entry was not meant to be for my likings. Either-way, I think he might qualify directly in the Final or at least grab an AC ticket for sure.

Julia Alfrida- “Rich

This queen comes from the infamous summer selection P4 Nasta which we all know that is cursed and usually artists that come from this selection are destined to fail BUT, and I say a big BUT(T), for Julia’s case it should be totally different. Her song “Rich” is absolutely AMAZING , yes, for many people it might sound a bit like Lorde but if you listen to Julia’s previous songs, you will know that this is definitely her style. I love everything about this song, the lyrics, the concept, maybe the staging could have been a bit better but I really can’t complain, she is by far the best P4 Nasta artist we got since forever. I hope she at least makes it to the Andra Chansen (she has all my 5 votes) if not directly to the Final.

Copyright: Stina Stjernkvist, SVT

WAHL feat. SAMI – “90-talet

Well, I can’t say much about these guys. They definitely bring a colorful performance and the song is joyous BUT I’m not sure if this is enough for them to grab a ticket to the Andra Chansen. The Swedes might love them though, we just have to watch and see how they perform tonight.

Frida Green – “The Silence”

Honestly, this queen has by far THE BEST vocals tonight. Absolutely amazing and clear voice BUT, again a big BUT, sadly her song “The Silence” is not as strong as it should be. I feel like it slowly fades away and I also think that it is a bit way too soft for Mello. I wish it had a more powerful and memorable chorus but for a pop country song, it is definitely a good one. I’d love to see Frida make it to the Andra Chansen (at least for her voice, she deserves it!).

Copyright: Stina Stjernkvist, SVT

Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – “Rena rama ding dong”

These two grandmas are amazing. I just love watching them perform and I hope they will bring the same positive energy they brought during the rehearsals. The song was clearly constructed to be as a joke entry but I’m happy to see that they’re enjoying being on stage and I hope people will enjoy it as well. I don’t see Eva & Ewa qualifying to any of the rounds tonight though.

Patrik Jean – “Tears run dry”

Patrik has a smooth song with good vocals but here comes the BUT(T), what on earth happened with the staging? I wish this song would have gotten a better staging and Patrik’s case, his chances are 50/50 tonight. He can either make it to the AC round or end up 5th in the Semifinal. I think it will be a final battle between him and Frida.

Dotter – “Little Tot”

Dotter is back but this time with a song written by her. Her performance is amazing and the overall show is well constructed. The song itself is definitely not as easy to digest as ‘Bulletproof’ was BUT (oh my lord, I need to stop with the BUTts) if you stop comparing both songs, you will clearly have a different feeling about it. No doubts, it’s a safe bet to say that Dotter is a direct finalist tonight. Let’s see if it’s her year, finally.

Copyright: Stina Stjernkvist, SVT
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