Tonight: The First Semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2021

Time runs fast and we finally made it! Melodifestivalen is set to start tonight at 8 PM CET with a total of 7 songs fighting for two spots in the Grand Final and two spots in the Second Chance Round. Tonight we will see a variety of songs, from electro-pop to ballads and some good old Swedish schlagers.

Who’s competing?

Kadiatou – “One touch”

Given the facts that the Deb Family is behind this song, everyone is probably expecting a BOP. The song feels like it was inspired by Dua Lipa’s style. It has a great start yet it slowly fades after the first minute. Kladiatou was a bit out of tune during general rehearsals but let’s hope she will deliver tonight.

Copyright: Stina Stjernkvist, SVT

Lillasyster – “Pretender”

The typical rock song is back to Mello. A dynamic show with lots of fire and screaming. I think people will love their live performance, not sure though if it’s enough for Lillasyster to advance further.

Copyright: Stina Stjernkvist, SVT

Jessica Anderson – “Horizon”

A really interesting choice for Jessica. The song is nice, it has a bombastic key change and an interesting show that involves a long dress and you guessed it, a big wind machine. The song is not bad but I’m not sure if it was a match with Jessica, I wish she came back with something similar with her 2018 song.

Copyright: Stina Stjernkvist, SVT

Paul Rey – “The Missing Piece”

Paul is back with a cute song, way different than his last year’s song. The overall performance is quite simplistic and warm. Not sure if this is enough to get Paul to the Andra Chansen round but let’s see what happens.

Copyright: Stina Stjernkvist, SVT

Arvingarna – “Tänker inte alls gå hem”

The Arvingarna boys are back with a fun performance and song. I’m sure they will get all Sweden to dance tonight and I’m sure they might get either the final or second chance round ticket. Safe bet.

Copyright: Stina Stjernkvist, SVT

Nathalie Brydolf – “Fingerprints”

The only ballad tonight but I’m in opinion the best song and performance. Simplistic yet effective, beautiful lyrics and basically having the whole package to qualify tonight. Nathalie is a newcomer though, so she needs to pull a Wiktoria 2016 and I hope she will because her performance is flawless and I’m sure she will serve us some ballad realness.

Copyright: Stina Stjernkvist, SVT

Danny Saucedo – “Dandi dansa”

Danny is back after 9 years with a song in Swedish. A risky choice but given the fact that he is quite famous, he might get the Andra Chansen ticket or even qualify straight to the Final. However, the performance is not that impressive and neither the song, Danny qualifying to the final will be quite unfair comparing it with other performances tonight.

Copyright: Stina Stjernkvist, SVT
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