Anxhela Peristeri will represent Albania at Eurovision 2021

The National Finals Season officially kicked in with Albania’s National Selection concluding tonight. Festivali i Kenges 59th edition was organized during a period of three days with recorded performances given the current pandemic conditions. There were some great songs and artists this edition, I mostly liked Anxhela, Era, Inis, and Mirud (before he performed live on stage, after that I was ‘meh’).

Of course, the jury controversy continued with the majority of the jury members being above 60/65 and we all know what happened in previous years. But this season kicked in quite well, Anxhela won the National Selection fairly, serving a flawless performance and some amazing vocals.

I really hope the song will be translated into English and most importantly, I hope it will be revamped because it has some great potential. Overall, I think Albania’s chances for qualifying in 2021 are quite strong.

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