Biking Trip – From Vienna to Bratislava

Well oh well, I can finally check off this trip from my list. I never biked more than 30 km in my life and this was sure a good challenge for me. The trip lasted a good several hours mostly because we took some decent breaks but also because we tried various routes that we thought it should make our trip easier to complete. In the end, we biked around 85 km and we got a really good old sun tanning, of course, an uneven one, especially for me. #farmerlife

We tried following Betty’s path but sadly since her article is quite old, some routes changed. The overall road was okay-ish, of course, we experienced some bumps once in a while, but in the end, we arrived successfully in one piece.

We took one nice break at Schloss Eckartsau, a fancy royal estate whose history is closely connected with the happy and fateful days of the house of Habsburg. The inside of the palace is quite exquisite and it’s the perfect place to refill your bottle of water and chill a bit in the fancy garden. They also have biking tools in case you need to fix your bike in order to continue your trip.

We crossed a huge bridge and we took our last break in the small city of Hainburg an der Donau, located on the right bank of the Danube river and also the place where we realized we still have around 15 km to reach Bratislava. When we finally reached Bratislava, I was surprised to notice that not a lot changed since my last visit here in 2018. The city center has the same beautiful vibe and those two beers that I had there were the best thing ever, especially after biking 85 km.

We headed back to Vienna by train, the price is around 12 euros and the good news is that you can take your bike with you and the trip lasts around 1 hour. I enjoyed every moment of this trip and it’s way better if you have company while you do it. 🙂

Here are some essential things that you need if you want to make this trip:

  • some good biking shorts, else you will experience a lot of pain (trust me)
  • a bottle of water which you will use to refill once in a while
  • some snacks, you will need some energy, especially for those last 20 km
  • a good mood
  • a decent bike (those bumpy roads can be challenging)
  • a great company, in my case some cool international friends
  • a pump, you never know

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  1. Ok- 1) this is so cool and 2) I am so envious because we can bike 85 km and still be in the same dang city hahaha. I love how close everything is in Europe and how you can visit multiple countries in a span of a few hours. Biking would be an awesome way to take in all the sights!

  2. Oh wow, that’s quite a trek! I don’t think I would ever bike that far. I’m more of a car or train traveler, but good for you. I bet that was a great way to see the sights 🙂

  3. A beautifully well-written article, biking is a fun way to visit any city. I would someday like to explore Vienna on a bike. Nice article.

  4. impressive! I recently got back into biking due to covid – so I would love to do more biking while traveling! Were you sore for a few days after?

  5. Wow cross-country biking sounds like a cool idea! And another wow on biking 85 kms. We have never done that, partly because I am very poor with biking. But I would really like to hone my skills on biking, now that my kids love biking, and makes a great opportunity for family time.

  6. What a great idea for a bike trip! I want to do it. I am impressed with this trip. The concept of visiting cities by bike is exciting.

  7. This seems like such a fun idea for the summer! When I visited Bratislava from Vienna we took the bus, but it would be so fun to do it biking as well as I think you would see a lot more of the scenery in between 🙂

  8. Looks like a lovely place. Some cities change so quickly. I’m heading here for work next month n cant wait if you have any other tips

  9. This is such a cool article because I usually never think about biking trips in a foreign country but it must be so much fun to do one!

  10. I have been wanting to be regular with biking this time around and your post has reinforced the same all the more. And to pick up a biking tour in Europe more so would be so exciting. 85 km is quite a bit, amazing!

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