Escapade in the Austrian Mountains & Discovering Hallstatt

Salzburg was amazing, thankfully the exploration was just starting as we decided to continue our weekend trip to Weyregg, Forstau, and finally Hallstatt. We rented this cute and cozy place somewhere on top of a mountain but right before that, we spent the whole day chillin’ in the sun and enjoying the beautiful lake of Attersee in this small village called Weyregg. The views were spectacular and we even go to see a small Alpaca farm.

Attersee and Weyregg

After getting cooked in the sun, we got in our rented car and went on to discover other views and the hidden mountain village of Forstau. All I can say is that Austria has some breathtaking views and you just cannot stop staring. Forstau is like a small diamond hidden between mountains, the fresh air, spectacular views and that holiday feeling, made Forstau the best place to spend a nice vacay while running away from the daily stress.

We ended our weekend trip by exploring the well known Hallstatt village. To be honest, it was the cherry on the top for this whole experience. Given the corona crisis, we got a bit lucky that the place was probably not as tourist-crowded as it usually is. Hallstatt is known for its breath-taking mountain setting, a beautiful lake that surrounds it, and 16th-century Alpine houses decorated with flowers and vibrating colors.

Hallstatt gave me life with all those incredible views, especially when we went on the boat trip and we got to see the whole picture. By far, this village is one of the MUST SEE places while you come and discover Austria.

Flo Weiss
Growing up in a small town in Western Romania, I never thought I would get the chance to travel the world, yet here I am, making dreams come true. You just need to be dedicated, passionate, and always eager to try new things and never step away from being yourself.