How to use Google Flights: A Beginner’s Guide

Google's software tool is using databases from each airline and online travel agencies to find flight schedules, seats, and the best prices you can ever get. Google Flights actually works by using a program called ITA Matrix, which was originally developed for travel agents and reservation managers.

Google released its own flight-hunting platform which might actually be better than the current most-used platforms (kiwi, sky-scanner, vola etc) and I’m really excited to show you guys how it works. At first glance, the platform looks really neat and simple to use, you have the basic filters but sadly you can’t select the option “Anywhere” like you can do on, so that’s a bit of a bummer, but still looks great. I find it interesting that you can even filter the airline which you prefer.

You also have the option to track the prices for a certain location, which means that by activating this button you will get notification via e-mail when new prices are published. Just like Ryaniar has on their website, Google put a price graph which can be quite useful in tracking the cheapest flights.

Example on how you go flight-hunting

Let’s say that you are currently in Vienna and that you want to go on a trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. Obviously, the first thing that you do is try to put in the city names. Now you have to determine the period when you want to travel to Gothenburg. If you are flexible, then you can simply use the price calendar that appears and then you can see the cheapest options that are usually marked with green.

Please make sure that you initially select a ‘one-way’ trip because if you select the ’round-way’ trip, the algorithm goes a bit cray-cray and you might get super confused as the price shown per day is actually the price for a round trip, not a single one. As you can see below, if you want to travel in May, you can grab the cheapest ticket on May 15th with only 26 euros. Also, the month of June is filled with many 26-euro options.

Do you have any questions regarding Google Flights? Feel free to comment below and I’ll make sure to answer as soon as possible! 🙂

Flo Weiss
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