Blanche will release her first album entitled ‘Empire’

Eurovision 2017 was one of the weakest editions we had in the previous decade. Unsatisfying winner, terrible semifinal results, it basically had all the ingredients for a crappy year. Thankfully, Armenia, Azerbaijan, North Macedonia, Sweden and several other countries made this year a little less crappy.

My winner was Belgium, especially after her semifinal performance. Blanche got Belgium’s best Eurovision result since 2003, scoring a total of 363 points and finishing 4th in the Grand Final. What I love about Blanche is the fact that she has her own unique style, her songs feel really different, poetic and super artsy.

I also have a soft spot for dark pop and Blanche is certainly the queen of it. She was about to release her first album in April but sadly due to the current situation we are dealing with, the release was postponed until May 29th. I guess it’s fine, I can survive another two months of waiting.

The album is entitled ‘Empire’ and will contain a total of 13 tracks, some of them were already released: “Empire” (lead track), “Fences” and “Soon”. You can presave or preorder the album here. She also revealed a small teaser for the single ‘Summer nights’ which I’m really looking forward to.

Florin M. Suciu
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