Trip to Budapest – FRA Edition 2019

Even though I’ve been to Budapest many times so far, I did it again but this time I was joined with my super fun FRA colleagues. It was a hectic weekend with a lot of exploring, walking and laughing. Surprisingly enough, every time I’ve been to Budapest, it was different and there was always new stuff to discover.

View from Buda Castle

We’ve visited the major touristic attractions but also some places which weren’t so tourist-crowded like Margit Island. We also had some amazing food at some great restaurant in the city center. Probably the most fulfilling one was Kadar Etkezde where we indulged into the Hungarian cuisine.

Paprika dish with smashed potatoes and a huge meat ball. Literally made me pregnant after devouring all of it.

According to TripAdvisor, Kadar is one of the best reviewed restaurant in Budapest and we totally agree with that.

Next up, we visited Margit island and found its secrets and why Hungarians are absolutely obsessed with it. I mean, just look at this cute baby deer.

Little baby deer at the Budapest Petting Zoo on Margit Island

What’s to see on Margit Island?

Margit Island is one of the best places to chill on a long weekend, especially during summer time. Hungarians absolutely adore it and they just love to chill near the music fountain, or simply walk around and enjoying the silence of nature. We visited the small petting zoo where we got to see lots of cute animals. We also visited the ruins of the old Monastery which are situated somewhere in the middle of the island.

Ruins on Margit Island

It was also fun to re-visit the Hungarian National Museum and to make it even better, there was no entrance fee on that specific day. Buda Castle, The famous bridges, the Parliament and Saint Stephan’s Cathedral were also invaded by us and hell yeah it was fun.

The National Museum

To end this trip, we enjoyed a really great breakfast at this cool restaurant “According to my mom” and right before we went back to Vienna, we also indulged into the famous Kürtőskalács, so yes, Gym will be my home for the next weeks.

The famous Kürtőskalács
Until next time, Budapest <3
Flo Weiss
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