The Best Travel Blogs of 2020

In the past few weeks, I had the honor to host this amazing travel blogging competition where we had to select the best travel blog of the year among the blogs that submitted for this contest.

It wasn’t an easy task for sure. We had to review a total of 369 submissions and after a very long screening, we selected 45 candidates that went through a detailed analysis in order to establish which of them will compete for the ‘Travel Blog of The Year 2020’ Award and other five different categories.

All blogs were evaluated based on design, general content, creativity, website performance, social media, privacy policies and various blogging elements. Special thanks to Website Grader and Woorank for proving a complete evaluation of all 45 candidates. Based on these two evaluators, we managed to pick the best ‘tech-evaluated’ travel blogs.

Evaluation scored where then combined with the public votes. People had almost two weeks to vote for each category and every single vote was added to the initial screening points. The travel blogs that gathered the most points won the competition and now it’s finally time to reveal who are the winners!

The best ‘Tech-Evaluated’ Travel Blogs

The best ‘Quality Content’ Travel Blogs

The best Travel Blogs Design

The most Creative Travel Blogs

The most User-Friendly Travel Blogs

Travel Blog of The Year Award

Gabriela is a Romanian travel blogger based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She managed to score a total of 487 points, being declared the Travel Blogger of the Year 2020. Congratulations!

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1st PLACE with 487 points

Devashree is a Mumbai based international award-winning influencer and she won the 2nd place of the competition with a total of 292.85 points. Congratulations!

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2nd PLACE with 292.85 points

Bobo and Chichi, a US couple and travel bloggers since 2013, won the third place of the competition with a total of 153.25 points. Congratulations!

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3rd PLACE with 153.25 points

Full Results

The full results of the competition will be revealed in the following hours here.

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