Tonight: The Grand Final of Melodifestivalen 2020

Melodifestivalen 2020 is about to end tonight after a cool and an adventurous season. To make it clear, no, this was not the best Melodifestivalen ever BUT it will always be special for me because this was my first Melodifestivalen that I got to witness live. To make it even more special, the most hyped winners are two of the qualifiers from the Second Semifinal in Gothenburg.

The odds predict Dotter to win tonight. Her song is okay-ish, radio friendly, she has a spectacular show, basically these are all the ingredients that made Mans the winner back in 2015. But on the other hand we have Anna who has a total banger, a way more powerful song and an incredible staging. Anna is my winner tonight but I’m not sure if she will actually manage to win. Whoever will win, will make Sweden a contender for the big trophy this year due to the really poor quality that we have so far.

I also like Hanna Ferm a lot even though yes, her song feels empty and soulless and the juries will probably slaughter her but she is a great singer with a lot of potential. This may not be her year but I do hope she comes back in the future. Mohombi has a really cool and radio-friendly song. I love winners a lot but sadly it doesn’t have sufficient power to actually make him a ‘winner’ tonight. His song ended up in my playlist though.

Robin has a really catchy song that I like a lot. Actually I think that it’s more catchier than his 2017 winning song but something is missing, I’m not sure if he was the best option for this song. He won’t win tonight but his song deserves a good mention.

These are all the acts that I’m excited for. It will be a big tragedy for me to see ‘The Mamas’ win because the song is so dull and feels like a copy-cat from John’s song. I know many people stan it a lot BUT please, this is not winner material. Mariette was a total disappointment for me this year, dull song, performance, not even close to what she had in previous years.

Best of luck to all entrants tonight and hopefully we’ll have a great and awesome show. You can watch it at 20:00 PM CET on SVT Play.

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