Selectia Nationala 2020 Details Officially Released

As previously rumoured, Selectia Nationala will get a finnish revamp, as if Finland won the contest every time since they started using that system. Not! To keep it short and simple, a special commission appointed by the national broadcaster will select “The voice” according to some quite radom conditions.


For that “specific voice”, a total of five songs will be composed that will compete in Selectia Nationala. The song that will represent Romania at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam will be decided both by the public and a special jury.

A new path for a new disaster

This selection method was previously used by other countries and it rarely proved to be successful. Probably the only good example would be Cyprus 2012, who ended up picking a really cool song but sadly the overall result wasn’t that bright. TVR referenced that they got inspired by other nations like the UK, Spain, France…and so on. Wow. They didn’t follow National Selections apparently because if they did, they would avoid this disaster.

Germany also used a similar selection in 2017 but ended up with a really bad result at Eurovision. Finland actually scrapped their national selection to use this format and after several years of total failure, they decided to bring back a new version of their former national selection, UMK.

Why does this system suck?

Well…it’s quite easy. A successful Eurovision result comes in form of a package that perfectly fits. Song + artist + vocal abilities + show. Mess any of these ingredients and you will end up with a shitty result. TVR, wants to compose songs according to the artist’s voice and personality. Uhm okay. I’m curious how that will end up but it’s pretty much safe to say that this is a really risky and weird way of choosing the act that will represent the nation.

If you’re planning to go internal, just go fully internal and focus on making ONE song for ONE artist. Period. Probably the best example is Cyprus in the past two years. They invested financial resources by collaborating with big names and voila, they are back in the finals again.

For some reason TVR is actually praising this system by pointing out how “successful” other countries have been by using it. It would have been really interesting to see which countries are they talking about because as far as I know, nothing good came out of this.

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  1. This system is so weird and confusing. It’s like you’re not getting the freedom to chose who represents you. And also gives you the possibility to say that we could have scored better if the other song was chosen. Which is just dumb, ESC has already so many things to argue about.

    1. I totally agree. I wish at least they limited the number of songs to 3, not 5. That’s a bit way too much for an artist and might cause a lot of further confusion. But yeah, we’ll see how it goes.

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