Arilena to represent Albania at Eurovision 2020

What an exciting evening! After two long semifinals and a great grand final, Albania has officially chosen the first song of the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Arilena won the honor to represent the country after the juries vote. Not my favorite but hopefully with a good revamp, her song will be an actual hit.

Thumbs up for Elvana, who was amazing and I strongly hope she will make a comeback in the following years.

It’s been a while since I actually followed FiK so closely but I have to admit that you can clearly notice fresh changes in this national selection. High quality songs and finalists, better camera angles, quite 2020ish, so well done Albania. You just need to get rid of the live orchestra which sadly brought down the quality of some songs and please do allow songs in other languages other than Albanian.

I’m quite confident that Albania has some nice chances to qualify next year. Best of luck and looking forward for the next national selections in this year’s season.

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