Eurovision 2020 is taking shape

The Eurovision fever is set to kick in with the latest news that were recently revealed. We already have a decent slogan #OpenUp (i guess) and the logo that is set to be revealed soon, even though some sources claimed that it got leaked online recently, so could it actually be this lame paper plane? Just gotta wait and see then. We already have some names with Spain and Belgium already selecting their entrants for the forthcoming contest in Rotterdam but y’all know that we’re eagerly waiting for the actual beef which is the National Selelections Season. 🙂

The 2020 National Finals Season

I hope it will be a great one. Obviously we’ll get to enjoy the Swedish Melodifestivalen, which by the way, will reveal its contenders in a few days (fingers crossed for some big names this year). Romania is already cooking something since Selectia Nationala’s website got a recent update. I’m not excited about Malta’s X Factor since we already know who’s gonna win (congrats from now, Destiny), I can’t believe I’m saying this but damn, I do miss MESC and its long commercials.

As usual, Albania will kick of the National Finals season with FIK planned to start somewhere in December. Sadly no major things will happen in January (yet!) but February and March is already super scheduled with the Australian, Croatian, Estonian, Finnish, Icelandic and many many other national seletions. I’m not sure which I’m gonna watch this year but Mello is surely included on the list. It depends a lot on the quality of the songs, so let’s pray that we’ll get some good ones this year.

Given the location and foreseen expenses, I’m not gonna attend Eurovision 2020 live but I still hope that a cheaper country will win though, so don’t rush to get that trophy yet, Sweden. A total of 41 countries will take part at Eurovision 2020 and maaaybe Andorra will be a quick addition if any miracles will happen. Let the new adventure begin! <3

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