Eurovision 2019: The End

The Netherlands has officially won the Eurovision Song Contest after 44 years of failure. Many congratulations for Duncan, you deserved it! It was an awesome and exciting night with the usual voting patterns, Iceland being booed by the Israeli fans (hopefully they will get alive out of there), a really long interval act and Madonna being quite bland.

It’s finally time to put an end to another Eurovision adventure. This year was okay-ish in terms of music quality, national selections and the overall outcome. Sadly the outcome of many National Selections across Europe could have been better but as I said in my previous post, the fact that you found a song to listen to all year IS something. Some of my favorite national selection from this year (even though I didn’t actually like the winner): Melodifestivalen (yeah, I know); Selectia Nationala; Melodi Grand Prix (Norway), the Ukrainian Vidbir (yeah the final drama was extremely sad but the National Selection was TOP) and Destination Eurovision (France).

Regarding Romania, even though it was a tragic ending, I honestly think we had one of the best National Selections in years. It would be a pity to go on in the future with an internal selection but rather try to improve the format of the national selection. The current head of the Romanian Delegation is considering going internal next year and to be honest I’m not sure if I’m ready for it. Romania has an incredible talent and we can actually bring the trophy home if we can figure out the right strategy. TVR should consider some fresh changes from all directions and hopefully we will qualify again starting from next year.

That’s it for this year, it’s time for PED – post eurovision depression to kick in and focus on other basic stuff as life goes on. Can’t wait to see what the next adventure will bring on. 🙂 See you in 2020!

Florin Marian Suciu
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