Eurovision 2019: Semifinal 1 Predictions & Review

It’s that time of the year again and we’re about to experience the Eurovision chills soon as rehearsals kicked in today in Tel Aviv. A total of 41 countries will fight for the big trophy, there would have been 42 if Ukraine wasn’t so immature during their national final. Anyway, regarding the first semifinal also known as the ‘weak semifinal’ (for which I totally agree with), we have 17 extremely average songs and 10 of them will make it to the grand final, so yeah, be prepared to hear some weird, random stuff during the final this year.

  1. Cyprus Tamta “Replay” – quite a decent song, modern, fresh and basically it has all the ingredients to do well and even end in top 10. Cyprus has chosen to work with the same team (both producers and choreographer) from last year and lots of people complained about the similarities with Eleni’s “Fuego”. For me it’s totally obvious that they sound a bit similar since the producer, Alex P, basically has his own style but again, they are totally different in composition. It’s not my favorite entry, also not as good as last year but it will definitely qualify. I’m not sure if the juries will appreciate the live version but we’ll have to wait and see. 8/10
  2. Montenegro D mol – “Heaven” – oh my gosh, this song sounds like those weird creepy songs that you can hear at some churches. I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s dull and quite…meh. Overall, their national final was really weak but I do think they had other better options. Will this qualify? Not at all. 2/10
  3. Finland Darude feat Sebastian Rejman – “Look away” – I remember the huge hype when the ex-famous Darude was announced as Finland’s entrant this year, all that hype was slowly killed with each average song from their terrible national final system. “Look away” is a really average song, it doesn’t go no where and to be really honest, if Finland qualifies this year, it will qualify for the really poor quality of this semifinal because this song is really not a final worthy song. As for YLE, please make an effort and bring back an improved UMK because this national format that you’re using for the past two years is all WRONG. 3.5/10
  4. PolandTulia – “Fire of love” – I don’t know where to even start. I’m really happy that Poland managed to qualify almost every year since they returned to the contest but I don’t know what happened with the past two years. Last year it was a total kitch and this year is just a big no. I love when countries show their traditional stuff but this weird screaming song is not working for me. Besides enjoying the diversity and the show, you also need to enjoy the song. I can’t actually play this song when I go to work cuz I might actually die. Sorry about the British humor but if you really want to bring something special and traditional to the contest at least do it like in 2014. 2/10
  5. SloveniaZala Kralj & Gašper Šantl – “Sebi” – this song is 100% weird but not necessarily in a bad way. It’s something different and the chemistry between these two is really creepy but it keeps you watching. It’s not among my favorites but I’m also not sure if this will do well and will totally flop. 3.5/10
  6. Czech RepublicLake Malawi – “Friend of a Friend” – I remember joking about the lead singer of the band because it gives you the Frankenstein in love feeling. Anyhow, this song is really average but for some reason it impressed some of the journalists today during the first rehearsals. I don’t like the song personally but it’s also not a song to hate…it’s just random and average. 2.5/10
  7. HungaryJoci Pápai – “Az én apám” – the worst part of when you make a comeback to the contest is the fact that people have high expectations of you. Sadly, Joci Papai failed to exceed those expectation. The song is nice and it’s listen-able (not like Poland) BUT yet again, it feels a bit boring and average especially compared with his previous entry. I think it will qualify. 3/10
  8. Belarus Zena – “Like it” – this is by far the perfect entry to a junior eurovision song contest or at least it gives you those feels. I really don’t like it, mostly because it feels really kitschy but it might work for other viewers at home. Will this qualify? I don’t think so. 2.5/10
  9. SerbiaNevena Božović – “Kruna” (Круна) – a Serbian ballad but clearly not a good one like 2012 or 2004. It has good visuals on stage and maybe it might qualify but seriously, it is average and totally forgettable. 4/10
  10. Belgium Eliot – “Wake Up” – Nope, I’m afraid this song won’t make anyone wake up to be honest. It gives you the feels of an 80s song, especially with that intro but it’s just so meh that it makes this semifinal feel even worse than it already is. “All alone in the danger zone” – why can’t you make one of these songs again, eh Belgium? 4.5/10
  11. GeorgiaOto – “Keep on going” – the only place I might go when this entry is playing is probably to have a quick or a 3 minute leak. I’m joking, it’s not that bad but also it’s not good at all. 2/10
  12. Australia Kate Miller-Heidke – “Zero Gravity” – After Oto’s nightmare, this song will totally wake everyone up (very good placing mr. Bjorkman). I hated it at the beginning but now I kind of like it and to be honest, it’s by far one of the best entries in this semifinal and it has all the ingredients to qualify. 6.5/10
  13. IcelandHatari – “Hatrið mun sigra” – Okay. After Australia wakes everyone up (literally), this song will most-likely shock everyone and probably scar them for life. To summarize this song: BDSM + Hard Rock + 101% weirdness. I was actually thinking recently that Iceland might actually win the whole thing this year? Why? Because it is the only country who brings something different but in a weird like-able way, almost like Finland in 2006. Still, I find it hard to believe that it might actually win but I think they can qualify easily. 6/10
  14. EstoniaVictor Crone – “Storm” – let’s all take a quick moment of silence to remember the tragedy that the Estonian National Selection was this year. Pure average-ness and basically Victor had the only decent song but too bad that his vocals are quite bad and I’m really not sure if his fancy high-tech show will save him. Yes, it might qualify but even if it does it will probably end almost last in the final. 5/10
  15. PortugalConan – “Telemoveis” – this song created a huge hype among Eurovision fans but sadly Conan is taking everything to a level of weirdness that you might actually end up disliking the song. After watching some interview with him, he is really a cool guy and not an asshole like Salvador and I do think that Portugal deserves the final this year, especially when it’s competing in this semifinal. 6.5/10
  16. GreeceKaterine Duska – “Better love” – besides Cyprus, Greece is the only reason I might actually keep on watching this horrendous average semifinal. “Better love” is a masterpiece and Katerine’s unique voice will make it even more better. I strongly hope it will qualify and bring back Greece to the final because it’s been a while… 8/10
  17. San Marino Serhat – “Say na na na” – Yep, I’m saying na na na, you don’t deserve the final. Yet again, San Marino comes back with a joke entry (again) and will probably fail to qualify (again). Why even bother taking part in the contest since you can’t take it seriously? 0/10

Well, these were my thoughts regarding the first Semifinal of Eurovision 2019. Sadly, a really average one but hopefully things will get more exciting during the second semifinal. Overall, I really want Cyprus and Greece to qualify and I don’t really care who the other 8 will be but i hope they will choose the decent ones at least (including Iceland).

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