Interview with Keiino – Norway 2019

I had the pleasure to take a short interview with Keiino just a few weeks before the Final of Melodi Grand Prix took place in Oslo, Norway. Their song called “Spirit of the Sky” won the National Final this year and will represent Norway at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Telaviv, Israel. Take a look on how they felt before the contest:

Hello KEIINO! It’s a pleasure to take you this interview and I’m sure that my readers will be thrilled to learn new things about you. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your project? We want to know the story behind your project.

Tom Hugo had an idea to incorporate joik in his poppy songwriting, and reached out to Sami rapper/ singer Fred. It was a great match, and Spirit in the Sky was written.  But they wanted a strong woman as the lead-singer, and got in touch with what we think is the best female pop-singer in Norway, Alexandra Rotan. After our first studio session, we all agreed that this was so much fun, that we wanted to make the band our main focus. We’ve written a bit more about each and every one of us on

Spirit of the sky is getting a lot of hype among the international fans and it’s currently being ranked as fan favorite to win MGP 2019. What is spirit of the sky about?

We were inspired by historic battles to be accepted for who you are regardless of cultural background, gender or orientation. The Sami people have fought a long fight to be allowed to speak their language in Norway, and that «love is love» is sadly enough still not accepted in parts of the world. Our main lyricist Alex was moved by the northern lights one night, and thinking about how nature is never judgmental, he wrote a story inspired by traditional Sami nature-religion and their belief in helping spirits.

Regarding the live performance of the song, should we expect something “wow”? Can you tell us some details on how the show will look?

Later Edit: It was nice! 🙂

I’m afraid we can’t reveal any details. But it will be worth watching!

What do you guys think about Eurovision and why do you love it? Can you name some of your favorites entries ever?

We are all Eurovision-fans, with Tom as the most eager. We love the concept, uniting people from all over Europe in music, so it will be a dream come true to make it to Tel Aviv. Tom and Alexandra holds Loreen’s Euphoria as their favourite, and Fred was a huge fan of Lordi’s Hard Rock Hallelujah

What do you think about last year’s winning performance? Did you like it?

We were really impressed by Netta’s performance and presence on stage, and the song had the X-factor that you need to win.

Eurovision gave us amazing artists that we honor even today (Abba, Johny Logan, Celine Dion etc). If you win MGP, what are you expectations? Do you aim for the big trophy or will focus more on enjoying the experience? Do you think you can bring the trophy to Norway after so many years?

It’s hard to predict the outcome of Eurovision, but if the Norwegian people decide to send us to represent our country, we’ll definitely do what we can to bring ESC back to Norway next year. But as we all love singing and being on stage, it will be our dream job, even if its gonna be busy!

Do you know some Romanian entries from Eurovision? Which ones were your favorite and why?

Tom remembers «Playing with fire» from 2010, as the Norwegian-Romanian artist Ovi was part of the duo.

The countdown for the great event is already on with all the national finals rolling in Europe. Do you follow the other countries or other national finals or are you guys just focusing on MGP?

Right now, our only focus is on MGP, but Tom has watched some of the semifinals in Sweden. And we follow blogs and news regarding other countries of course.

Thank you for your precious time, KEIINO. We want to wish you the best of luck in the grand final of MGP. Do you have a message for our Romanian and international readers?

Be proud, cause you are perfect just the way you are!

Norway will enter the contest on May 16th during the Second Semifinal on the spot #15.

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