Download the Eurovision 2019 Scorecards

That time of the year is almost here and if you’re a real euro-fan, you gotta prepare in advance as soon as possible. This year, I’m happy to announce that I’m bringing back the tradition of Scorecards even though in the past few years I only shared them with my friends, now they will be available for everyone. Download the scrorecards, print them and award your points for each entry by ranking the song, overall performance/show and of course, the vocal abilities. Add up your points and establish which are your 10 qualifiers.

You can decide which ranking system you can use. As a suggestion, you can award a grade between 1 – 10, or the traditional eurovision points, it’s all up to you. Enjoy them and be a fair judge!

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Update on my Lifestyle journey

Update on my Lifestyle journey

Bonjour everyone!

Interview with Keiino – Norway 2019

Interview with Keiino – Norway 2019

I had the pleasure to take a short interview with Keiino just a few weeks before

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