Update on my Lifestyle journey

Bonjour everyone! It’s been more than two months since I started my new lifestyle journey. It’s been a hectic ride so far and I’m really proud of myself not only for managing my life BUT actually losing my first 10 kilos, even though I initially planned to lose around 8 kilos, stuff got better. Yet again, I never focused on losing weight but more on eating and cooking healthy but obviously I couldn’t handle myself and I stepped on the scale at least one time per weekend to see if there is any progress on this side.

I feel amazing, healthier and less depressed when I was before enrolling on this journey. It’s not easy to deal with your job, school and also cooking and having a social life but I’m happy that I found a way to manage it and I feel that I’m active more than ever. I can’t imagine my life without my morning routine which includes a super nutritious smoothy or a really delicious oats meal. This weekend I took everything at the next level and bought myself a bike and I feel more determined than ever to bring even bigger changes in my life.

I agree that it’s not easy to change your life just like that. You feel that if you’re gonna do that you will need a lot of support from your friends and family but let me tell you one thing, you actually don’t need it. The only support that you actually need is YOURSELF. You are the one that controls your own life, takes critical decisions and CAN improve everything. You can’t blame your friend for eating a pizza in front you because YOU are the one that decides what to eat or not. Yes, obviously you will feel the need to slap the shit out of that motherfucker, but in the end you are the only one who can win in this situation. Stay healthy, stay positive and enjoy life at fullest. I will keep you posted with another update quite soon! 🙂

PS: Did you hear Malta’s Eurovision entry for 2019? It’s quite cool! 🙂

Growing up in a small city, I never thought I would get the chance to travel the world, yet dreams can always come true. You just need to be dedicated, passionate, and always eager to try new things and never step away from being yourself.