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Midnight thoughts

Have you ever fell so deep in your thoughts that you basically can’t stop overthinking? Well…this is me right now. There are a lot of things happening lately and all I can say is that I feel exhausted and really tired, which is quite sad given the amazing adventure that I recently had. Work isn’t as it was before and everything seems to fall apart as I write down these words. No, it’s not actually that dramatic but everyone who knows me, knows that I usually dramatize about generally everything. I feel that recently I’ve fallen in the comfort zone trap which I tried to avoid with a lot of passion ever since I was a student. I’m scared of getting to live the “normal” and basic life everyone dreams of, this is the reason why I need someone in my life to constantly say “come on, live a little”. So how can a 25 year old young-adult “live a little”? How to spice things up a bit? Should I actually buy that one-way ticket? These are the questions that storm my mind for some time now and hopefully I’ll find the answers quite soon. I don’t want to criticize people that prefer the “basic” and “normal” life-style, it’s just that this isn’t for me. I find it quite depressing to hear conversations about weddings and making babies. Hell no. Not today, Satan.

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