MARUV will NOT represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2019!

Later edit (25/02/2019): Apparently, given the political issues involved in Ukraine, Maruv decided to withdraw. A wise decision. No artist should have those kind of constrains and killing your career because of shitty political ambitions is totally wrong. Maruv deserves to shine and given these constrains, she took the best decision. After this, Ukraine should be clearly disqualified and I hope some measurements will be taken. #SHAME!

FINAL DECISION presented today 25/02/2019

By far, today was the best Saturday from the entire National Finals Season. After a really long and tiring final, Maruv was declared the winner and will have the honor to represent Ukraine at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. She changed the entire performance in the Final and I have to admit that I preferred the one from the Semifinal, but still, she had the best song and I’m really happy that she made it.

Ukraine was one of my favorite countries in this contest but after 2011, I barely liked something so much as I do now. So welcome back, Ukraine, you are currently in my top 3 for sure. Special thanks for Tayanna who withdrew from the selection and let this spot for Maruv to enter, I had to admit (without being shady or something) that it was the best decision ever!

Flo Weiss
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