Ester Peony to represent Romania at Eurovision 2019!

Oh wow! Miracles do exist and I’m so freakin’ happy it happened tonight. Huge congratulations to Ester for wining Selectia Nationala 2019, she was by far the best contestant tonight and she impressed everyone with her attitude and show. I’m really happy and super proud that she will represent Romania and I know that she will do well.

Sadly she is about to face a lot of criticism which is kind of usual for Romania, given the fact that we had two super fan favorites and neither of them won, it was a huge shock for everyone thus ending with a lot of unjustified hate against Ester. She obviously doesn’t deserve this negativity and it’s disgusting that this is happening in this contest (not sure if it happens in other countries but damn, Romanians get nasty).

But who cares, my favorite won, the favorite of the international jury won, the televoting is never objective (in Romania) so byeah! Best of luck to Ester and may you make our country proud again after the disaster we had to face last year. 🙂

Florin Marian Suciu
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