Tonight: The Grand Final of Selecția Națională 2019

After a long ride, it’s finally time for Romania to pick its entrant for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel. A total of 12 songs will compete for the honor to represent Romania and to clean the dirty image that we’ve gotten last year (whoops, I said it). We have some really good songs that can do well, especially taking in consideration the bad quality of the songs selected so far across Europe. Among my favorites are Bella Santiago, Laura Bretan and Ester. Actually these are the only ones which I can see doing well. Linda has an incredible voice but gosh her song is so difficult to digest, pompous lyrics and you can’t actually remember it.

Teodora Dinu also has a good song but yet again, her vocal abilities are failing her but hopefully next year she will find the right song because this one is not working. I really like the chorus from Letitia’s song but that first minute of the song is absolutely dreadful and feels like two different songs were merged in one. I don’t have a ‘favorite song’ because I already feel like I got tired of them but I’ll try to compose a top 12 for tonight, so here goes:

  1. Ester – “On a Sunday” – 12 points
  2. Bella – “Army of Love” – 10 points
  3. Laura – “Dear Father” – 08 points
  4. Letitia & Sensibil Balkan – “Daina” – 07 points
  5. Linda – “Renegades” – 06 points
  6. Teodora Dinu – “Skyscraper” – 05 points
  7. Vaida – “Underground” – 04 points
  8. Olivier Kaye – “Right Now” – 03 points
  9. Lucian Colareza – “Without You” – 02 points
  10. Trooper – “Destin” – 1 point
  11. Claudiu Mirea – “We Are the Ones” – 0 points
  12. Aldo – “Your Journey” – 0 points

Romania goes with Malta’s old voting process

Sadly, this year TVR was quite uninspired and decided to use a voting system which can bring us shocking results tonight. There will be 6 juries that will award points plus the televote who will act as the 7th jury, thus, limiting the power of the people voting from home and putting more power in the hands of those 6 people. More exactly: Emmelie de Forest, the HoD of Israel, two random Romanian producers and Deban and Wiliam from wiwiblogs (yikes!). I think either Laura or Bella could win tonight, but as I said, anything could happen. I think there should have been a clear balance between juries and the televote and I strongly hope they will quit using this process next year. Malta was using this system for many years and failed every time.

But for whoever wins tonight, I hope they will do a great job in Israel. I’m really happy because it’s been a lot of time since we had so many decent songs in a national final. Thumbs up for the jury which we had during the Semifinals, they actually picked the best songs from all of them.

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