Review – Second Semifinal of Selecția Națională 2019

What a night! First of all, I gotta say that never ever in my life I thought that Arad (generally a small city) will ever host Selecția Națională..why? Because we’re too close to Timisoara, which is considered the central and main city in Western Romania, though having priority with everything. I’m happy that it happened and I’m even more happier that the quality of the second semifinal was way better than the first one from Iasi. A total of 6 songs (5 really good ones) qualified for the Grand Final which will take place next week in Bucharest. Overall, we have 12 good songs and some of them are serious contenders that might bring Romania a top 10 again this year, and this is a good thing considering the horrible disaster from last year.

The Semifinal from Arad was generally great, it was great to witness everything from the audience and it was quite shocking to see the differences on live TV (talking about sounds). It was a bit frustrating because the main screens sometimes got disconnected and the people from the audience weren’t able to see what people at home were seeing during crucial points of the performances. It doesn’t matter because the right songs qualified for the Grand Final even though I wish that the public would have chosen 2 Gents instead of Aldo, they were much more entertaining and better but eh, it’s impossible to reach perfection, right? I’m really happy for Ester that the jury choose her, I was a bit scared because she performed right after Laura outshining her a bit, but nevertheless she managed to qualify and damn that song is a diamond.

The stage
The green room right behind the stage

I’m also happy that I got the chance to enjoy the show with my friends and special thanks to TVR for providing my accreditation this year, it’s great to be back in business again. I’m not sure if I will attend the Grand Final live from Bucharest, but if it’ll happen, I’ll make sure to write about it. Below you can find some performances from last night.

Flo Weiss
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