Wiktoria and Mohombi won the first Semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2019 – Show Review

It was a spectacular night with incredible shows, fun interval acts and millions of votes, more exactly over 7 million votes (The Swedish population is 10 million) decided who will advance straight to the final and who will get another chance. The results were quite fair and expected, so no big surprises so far. Wiktoria and Mohombi won the Semifinal advancing straight to the Grand Final in March, while Anna and Nano got another second chance which means that Zeana & Anis, High15 and Arja left the competition.

Mohombi & Wiktoria Photo credits: SVT

The only thing I would have changed was putting Zeana in the Second Chance round rather than Nano. Even though we all know that the vocals aren’t 100% live, Nano still had an incredibly bad vocal performance with a really pretentious and messy show. The song is really well produced especially if you consider the big names behind it but damn, I just wish someone else got it.

Nano Photo credits: SVT

Zeana & Anis were fun and the song is a ‘must-replay’ one, even though they didn’t qualify, the qualified to get into my Spotify playlist as soon as their song is available world-wide. Wiktoria had a spectacular rain show and on point vocals which assured her a spot in the Grand Final. Mohombi had an awesome show as well even though the vocals were not that impressive in my opinion, but the song is nice and I think he deserved his spot. Anna’s song on the other hand is really beautiful and I can understand why she wanted to make a come-back, I really hope she will reach the final. Maybe the show should have been made a bit differently and less fairytailish but anyhow, it’s still a good song and vocals were great.

Wiktoria Photo credits: SVT
Anna Photo credits: SVT

High15 also had a good song but this semifinal was too strong for them to advance anyhow, so maybe next year they will get another chance. Arja’s song, oh well, I suppose the same case from High15 applies to her as well, but thumbs up for those 500.000 votes, it’s still something.

Next Saturday, the show continues in Malmo where again we’ll see big names like Margaret and Liamoo fight the spot in the Grand Final. I just hope that the quality of the songs will keep getting stronger and stronger. Until then! 🙂

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