Melodifestivalen Semifinal 1 is here!

Ladies and gentlemen, let the games begin! The first Semifinal of Melodifestivalen is set to begin tomorrow on SVT, as usual broadcasted live on their online platform which can offer us high quality viewing and the best experience ever. Sadly we won’t be getting any English translations this year but someone at SVT is fully aware that fans want English comments on the show, especially since Melodifestivalen is the most viewed national finals of them all so we might get them somewhere in the future, but not this year sadly.

We have some incredible acts that are set to perform live from Gothenburg tomorrow night and some of them are famous for doing quite well at Mello in the past few years. We have Nano who almost won Mello a few years ago, Wiktoria coming back with an amazing ballad which will literally get us wet and Anna Bergendahl ready to rise from ashes after the sad ending from 2010 when she failed to qualify Sweden in the Eurovision Final for the first time ever. We also have Mohombi who had an international hit a few years ago and many other interesting acts which I’m sure that you will love.

You can listen to one minute of each song here and take a sneak peak of the live performances here. I’m sure that it will be an exciting evening tomorrow and I just can’t wait to tweet about it with my international friends (follow me on @FlorinSuciu). As for predictions, well the Swedes can be filled with surprises but from what I’ve seen so far, I would love to see my girls Wiktoria and Anna go to the Finals and Nano and Mohombi to the second chance round.

Wiktoria is expected to have a spectacular show. Photo credits: SVT
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