The power of sweet potatoes

It’s been a while now since I started my journey to a healthier life and so far so good, it goes smoothly. Obviously, it was a bit difficult at the beginning but once you get used with the new life-style it will get better, promise! Today I want to write about sweet potatoes, I know it sounds random but I feel that I need to share the benefits of trying this amazing veggie and why it’s better than the usual normal potato.

Sweet potatoes contain lots of vitamins, predominantly vitamin A and C. Vitamin A is also the key for maintaining a healthy skin, vision, and organ function. They also function as antioxidants which can help you during the flu season, regulate the blood pressure and totally help you on your weight loss journey. Even though they are quite sweet, you don’t need to freak out because the starch in them is a slow burning starch which means that they won’t spike blood sugar and insulin levels.

You can eat sweet potatoes at breakfast, lunch and even dinner. I usually make my sweet potatoes in the oven at about 250 degrees for 40 minutes. They are really tasty and nutritious and you can eat them combined with other veggies. I usually combine mine with avocado, red peppers and obviously other condiments to spice up the taste a bit. This week I discovered Annie Jeffrey’s blog where she writes about her daily meals and other interesting things about having a healthy life. You can also follow her vlog on YouTube as well. That’s it for today, #stayhealthy 🙂

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