Top 10 Travel European Destinations in 2019

Traveling is by far, the best hobby that you can have and which is totally worth the investment. Why? Because you learn so much from traveling just by seeing lots of breathtaking places, meeting new people, discovering cultures and many other great things that will surely make you a better person. I can never get enough of traveling, that’s why I spend some time doing traveling research and trying to get the best out of it. Every year the same question pops out, which countries to visit now? I’m still trying to cover Europe before actually adventuring in Asia or northern Africa. So here goes, which are the top 10 European Destinations of 2019?

#10. Pula, Croatia

Pula is an amazing city in Croatia, perfect for History lovers because it is old and has lots of great places to see like the Arena or the oldest Roman temple that still survives even today. Sadly in Romanian the name of the city translates as the male sex organ, this city is still a great place to see even in 2019, but, if you’re Romanian just make sure that you won’t check in on Facebook while in Pula, some people don’t even know about this city and God knows what they will think (not as if we care though). I was in Pula while on Erasmus in 2016 and it was one of the best experiences ever, I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t document it but yes, check ins on Facebook were involved.

#09. Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos has been one of my latest obsessions and it will be probably the first city I will be visiting in Cyprus. An ancient city, surrounded by the sea and perfect for summer vacations…what can you ask for more? You can also find cheap flights to Paphos if you hunt your tickets in advance, so here is another reason for you to actually go for it. Still don’t believe me? Just go ahead and google search it and I promise you will fall in love with it. Paphos is on my list for 2019.

#08. Copenhagen, Denmark

If you love traveling, there is no excuse to NOT visit Copenhagen, the capital of modern and amazing Denmark. With really friendly locals and lots of touristic objectives, Copenhagen is still one of the best cities that you can visit in 2019. Some facts about Copenhagen: it is one of Europe’s oldest capitals, a world class destination with beautiful canals and narrow streets and place where you can appreciate the old colorful homes and many amazing palaces. Not sure if I’ll visit Denmark this year but if the proper budget and right time pops in then hell yeah I’m in.

#07. Gothenburg, Sweden

Holly Molly. I couldn’t leave Gothenburg out from this top..why? Because this city is absolutely breathtaking and it’s totally worth visiting it in 2019. I was in Gothenburg in early 2017 and I was literally shook but how amazing this city is. Gothenburg is called the “Little London” and has plenty of beautiful places that you can visit, museums, nature, islands etc. You can read more about my adventure in Gothenburg here.

#06. Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro is a great place to visit mostly if you love travelling on a low budget. The capital, Podgorica, is not necessarily a extravagant place to visit but other small cities in countries surely are, thus, the reason why you have to visit Kotor in 2019. Kotor is just a small town in the Adriatic coast, situated near breathtaking cliffs. It’s the perfect place to recharge your batteries after a stressful period in your life and yes, Kotor is on my list for 2019.

#05. Vienna, Austria

I was so close to visit Vienna last year but due to my stubbornness, I really thought that you can’t visit this amazing capital in two days. I decided that it was better for me to return from my trip to Bratislava to Budapest instead of going further to Vienna. This great Capital needs at least 5 days to proper visit it, that’s why I’d rather plan a separate trip to Vienna. You will most likely fall in love with the architecture, palaces, cathedrals and the overall feel of Vienna BUT sadly Vienna is expensive, so make sure you have the proper budget for it.

#04. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul has been on my list since 2014, right after my Erasmus experience ended in Portugal. I’ve meet so many amazing people from Turkey and both me and my best friend promised them that one day we shall visit them and hopefully that day will come THIS YEAR. Yes, Istanbul is on the list for 2019 and this city is totally worth visiting it. History, amazing dishes, friendly people, you can find everything here. I just can’t wait to step in Hagia Sofia and feel History with my own hands.

#03. Toulouse, France

Toulouse is probably one of the most beautiful cities in France, with a history of more than 2.000 years, Toulouse will make you fall in love with the French culture. Toulouse is a city that even though it feels like a village, it is a large city in France, the downtown core has been well preserved and not urban like other large cities. It is really pedestrian friendly and you can easily walk to most locations in the city center.

#02. Santander, Spain

Now here comes a treasure that everyone should be visiting in 2019. Santander is located in the north of Spain, near the ocean and it’s famous due to its palaces, beaches and beautiful architecture. Spain is generally a beautiful country and there are also other amazing cities to visit but in my opinion, you should totally start with Santander, the heart of Cantabria. My adventure in this city will start soon, more exactly next month and I just can’t wait to explore it. Stay tuned!

#01. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the number one destination of 2019, by far the most beautiful city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv. Plovdiv is the sixth oldest city in the world, even older than Rome and it will fascinate you with it’s colorful streets, architecture and lots of ancient ruins that have many stories to tell. Plovdiv is perfect for any budget and you will never regret exploring this beautiful city, thus, it’s a must to add it on my 2019 traveling list.

Roman Theatre of Philippopolis in the heart of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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