Top ten things I’d never travel without

Once you fall in love with travelling, it becomes a life-style that you crave every single day and you just can’t wait for the next adventure to begin. On every adventure you have to take with you essential things that you really need in order to have a smooth travel, so today I’ll be presenting you the top ten things I’d never travel without. So here it goes:

1. My camera

An old rusty camera from the ice age period but still doing it’s job during decent light conditions. A camera is a must to capture the amazing spots and great places you’re about to discover and share with the world. My camera maybe is not that ultra-performance-thingy but it does a great job, here you can see some of my shots: Trip to Sali; Christmas in Zagreb. Sometimes, I’m also using my mobile phone but mostly for instagramming the sh*t out of a nice place so I can brag about it. You can also share your Instagram posts via embed code on your blog.

2. My mobile phone

Since I was talking about it, I always need my mobile phone, not necessarily for talking on it but for trying to access internet every time I get lost in a city so I can use google maps in order to find my way back. Obviously if you travel by car, a GPS can work just fine but if you love walking like I do, then make sure you have your mobile phone and its battery alive.

3. A portable power bank

Holly Molly! Can you imagine being in a new city on a rainy day and your phone runs out of battery? How would you find your way to the hotel/airport/train station? That’s why a portable power bank is a MUST whenever you travel, it can save you from a disastrous situation.

4. A great backpack

One of the most essential things whenever you travel is, obviously, the backpack – the thing that holds your stuff from going cray-cray. I love small backpacks that I can use for any cheap airline with strict conditions and also a backpack that has lots of compartments where I can store my stuff. Minimalism travelling is the new thing nowadays btw.

5. An empty bottle

No people, I’m not crazy, travelling with an empty bottle can save you money in many different cases. For example, imagine how expensive a bottle of water is at the airport after you pass the control area? You can use the empty bottle to refill it with water after passing the control area. Also, while walking outside on a hot day, you can always use the bottle to fill it with water from public fountains. I used the bottle while travelling to Budapest, Bratislava and Prague and IT WAS worth it! 🙂 *For this idea, I have to thank my polish friend, Magda, gurl saved ma money and thirst! 😛

6. Headphones

I could never, ever imagine a trip without music in my ears, can you? Headphones are everything and will always be there with me on a trip, no matter what. Sadly, during my trip to Prague, my headphone literally died so I had to replace them while being there, that’s how important my headphones are for me. 😎

7. A notebook and pen

Yep, going classy on this one. Oldy but goldy, I’m always carrying a notebook  with me to write my thoughts, ideas and important event so I can later talk about on my blog or just to remember moments. I still have my notes from the trip I had to Gothenburg, Sweden. I would love to share with everyone but they are so damn informal.

8. My credit card

I love paying everything by credit card rather than using cash. It is quite normal in the big cities to encounter a lot of scammers and incredibly bad exchange rates (ex. Prague), so that’s why I prefer using exclusively my credit card. During my trip to Sweden and Czech Republic, I managed to use just my credit card without any issues.

9. Comfy shoes

Travelling requires a lot of walking, that’s why having a really good pair of comfy shoes is a MUST. I remember buying some nice sandals right before my trip to Budapest and damn, my feet literally cried after an entire week of walking in those sandals. 😯 Never, ever, go on a trip with new shoes!

10. A good state of mind

Travelling usually makes you feel great, curious to discover places and eager to learn from your experiences. Just make sure you bring your good mood with you every time you plan to travel, but I also recommend travelling to recharge your batteries after a life-crisis and so on, but always make sure you do it on a good mood and always seek the opportunity to learn stuff from it.

[fruitful_alert type=”alert-success”]And to end this article with a additional list of things that I should also consider “a must” when travelling: Always travel with a health insurance card, you never know what could happen, that’s why a health insurance can help you a lot in case of emergencies. Sadly, I rarely had one when travelling (except when being on Erasmus) but from now on, I’m totally considering it and also take some medicine with you just in case.[/fruitful_alert]


Growing up in a small city, I never thought I would get the chance to travel the world, yet dreams can always come true. You just need to be dedicated, passionate, and always eager to try new things and never step away from being yourself.