Top 10 Netflix Shows of 2018

Nothing compares with a Friday night, ice-cream and Netflix after coming back from a tiring day at work. I wasn’t a big fan of Netflix before it got launched in Romania, but now I kind of feel obsessed with it. There are tons of shows and movies you can choose to watch and lots of comedies, dramas and even horror shows that won’t let you sleep at night. I will try to pick my top 10 series of the year that I have watched on Netflix in 2018. Seems like mission impossible but here I go:

#10: The house of flowers

A silly Mexican series show but totally addictive. It has all the ingredients of a typical soap opera but it’s damn catchy. The action is focusing around a Mexican family that deals with all sorts of problems: cheating, slapping, cursing and even drag queening, which is not actually a problem but it is for the old lady of the house, Virginia. I love this show even though it has only one season released so far. I will give this one a 7 out of 10, worth watching!

#9: The sinner

I love this show for its complex drama that builds with every episode. Everything starts with a huge mystery which obviously involves a gruesome murder at the beach. The wrong person gets to jail and with every episode the truth starts to unveil and the right thing happens. It’s a nice show and I just can’t wait for the next season which will be released next week! The sinner gets a 7,5 out of 10 and I hope season 2 will get even better.

#8: Orange is the New Black

Damn! I started watching this show in 2014 and since then I just couldn’t get enough of it. I even wrote an article about this year’s season, which wasn’t one of the bests but it was decent. Life in jail can be harsh af but in Orange is the New Black it is by far, interesting and captivating, especially when you get to see the back story of each inmate. I love this show and I’m sad that in 2019 it will get its final season but still, I can’t wait for it! OITNB is a great show, 7,5 out of 10!

#7: Outlander

When I was studying in Croatia, on a very cold January night, I’ve decided to get the free Netflix month and the first show I clicked on was Outlander. A really interesting show which tells the story of Claire Randall who, accidentally, gets to travel in the past, falls in love, has a baby, comes back to the future, goes back into the past and deals with a lot of troubles. It might seem sassy af but trust me, this show is great and totally worth watching, though I must admit that this year’s season was kind of meh, less action but was okay-ish. I will rate it with a 7,5 out of 10.

#6: Santa Clarita Diet

This show is nasty but in a good way, yes, it might involve cannibalism but it’s really funny and interesting. I initially felt that his show is a joke but after watching a few more episodes I actually started liking it. It’s certainly not for everyone to watch but hell it’s interesting in a very weird way. I’m not sure if there will be a season 2 but if it’ll be, then for sure, it will get on my 2019 binge-watching list. 7,5 out of 10!

#5: The good place

Oh my gosh, this show is totally addictive to watch. A bunch of people from different places die and end up in the bad place, believing that they’re actually in the ‘good place’. After finding out the truth, the action focuses on how can they reach the actual good place. The show is built in quite smartly and you will never get bored watching this one. Season 3 is currently rolling on Netflix and because of it, every Friday night is an absolute delight for me. 8 out 10!

#4: Ingobernable

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, an actual Mexican soap opera got into my top 4 but Ingobernable is something totally worth watching. The president of Mexico gets killed on a rainy night and guess who is accused of being the murderer? His wife, Emilia, obviously. Well, Emilia runs away in the hood, meets a bunch of nice ‘bad people’ and together they will expose the truth and kill lots of people. This show is a blast, literally, and I just can’t wait to get to the next season in 2019.  8,5 out of 10 por mi soap opera favorida.

#3: The alienist

Whoah! This show gives you the ultimate chills but captivates your interest with every single episode. The action happens somewhere in the 19th century and involves a Hungarian detective which tries to solve a gruesome murder, and by gruesome, I mean REALLY gruesome. You need to be mentally healthy to watch this show because it contains LOTS of graphic scenes and trust me, Doctor G is nothing compared with this one. Love the action, love the characters and the way everything builds up. This drama is probably one of the best ones in 2018. Can’t wait for the next season! 9 out of 10!

#2: Sense 8

This show ended happily this year after the producers wanted to suddenly stop it without any relevant ending. Thankfully, the fans (lots of them) did their best by making lots of petitions and Netflix granted a decent ending for this awesome show. I wish it had more seasons but anyhow, this year’s ending was a blast. This is *that* something different that you always want to watch in a show and even though some bad mouths out-there complain about the nudity scenes, I still believe that Sense8 was, by far, one of the best series ever made. I even talked about it on my first employment interview, and yes, I got hired. 😀 9 out of 10!

#1: Troy: Fall of a city

Oh, I think History will be my first love no matter what but this show which sadly lasted only one season is the winner of the year for me. Mystery, war, love, betrayal, everything combined makes Troy one of the best shows ever made. What I love about this show is the fact that it tries to follow the actual history of Troy, which is awesome! 9,5 out of 10!


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