Human Rights Victory in Romania

Just like in the majority of Eastern European countries, the situation of Romania was never bright in terms of human rights. My country is dealing with a lot of corruption, incapable politicians, extreme poverty and several serious attacks on Human Rights, probably the most significant one was the referendum that was organized during this weekend, where people were asked to express their opinion whether the Parliament should change the article in the Constitution where the family is defined as a union between “husbands” (“soti” in Romanian) to “man and woman”.

Obviously, this referendum was the perfect opportunity for homophobic people and the Orthodox Church to display their hatred and even more, it was the perfect tool for some politicians to do some additional changes to the Constitution in favor of corruption. In order for this referendum to be validated, a total quorum of  30% was required (6 million people to vote) in order for the Constitution to be changed. Even more, the duration of the voting period was extended to two days (usually one day was used before but hey, this is totally a national security problem so why not change the rules?) and a lot of propaganda happened in the past few weeks (fliers/posters and even commercials just to convince people to come and vote).

Probably the most powerful tool for this referendum of hatred was the Orthodox Church where priests tried their best to convince their followers that yes, a traditional family is needed in order to keep our society safe (LOL). This is the reason why the percentage of the voters radically increased after the church ceremonies were over on Sunday. For now the percentage of voters reached 15% and I strongly doubt that it will reach the quorum 30% valid votes by tonight.

The saddest part about this referendum was the cost of it, a total of 43 million euros were spent on a referendum that lead to nowhere, maybe to a realization that there is still hope for the future of this country but damn, that was a high price to pay. Romania lacks of a proper healthcare system, educational system and lots of other things…with those money we could have certainly used them for a better purpose. I’m happy that the majority of young and open minded people chose to boycott this referendum, this was a clear sign that the society in Romania changed and that the power of the Church is, thankfully, diminished by every generation to come. We need to realized that we are in 2018 and not in 1818.

The only thing that I hope right now is for a better future for everyone in this country, because everyone is equal and there are no first and second class citizens. 

Growing up in a small city, I never thought I would get the chance to travel the world, yet dreams can always come true. You just need to be dedicated, passionate, and always eager to try new things and never step away from being yourself.