Orange is the New Black Season 6 Review

Howdy ya’ll. I want to be more active on my blog, thus, maybe I should try to approach more topics such as reviewing stuff (TV series, books, food etc). I am a big fan of Orange is The New Black, the famous Netlifx series that were lunched many years ago when I was living in Portugal (good old days). I finished Season 6 in two days and it was amazing but slightly different from previous seasons. After the big riot from Season 5, the inmates were now transferred in the Liechfield Max Security, a whole new environment, much tougher and a lot more drama than usual. BTW, if you didn’t watch Season 6 yet or if you’re planning to watch it, stop here, this post contains lots of spoilers. 😀

The way Season 6 was built is really intriguing and I just loved the idea of having three different blocks, Block C, D and Florida (where prison ‘heaven’ is). Each block had their supreme leader, and in this case, the Blocks C & D had supreme leaders for many years that were sisters and enemies. Obviously, each block hated each other, Florida being an exception (block designed for old people, privileged inmates and ‘loony toonies’ as Frieda said). The whole action was based on a final kickball match between these blocks, the evil sisters planning a true bloodbath between their inmate armies. It was quite shocking to see that the sisters were actually cooperating to kill as many inmates as they could but while hiding from the match, they had an argument and ended up killing each other (yikes).  Also, the main action was based on Tasha Jefferson’s trial which sadly ends quite dramatically with her being found guilty for a murder she didn’t commit. Also, I think that this will be a starting point for Season 7 because, come on, it is just unfair to end like this for her. Also, Flores aka Blanca got released from prison but for some reason she is being deported (i think) and never gets to see her man. (that was sad).

Piper also gets early release after one of the guardians helps her (I still don’t see why he did it). Anyway, I was happy to see her out and it was quite emotional to see her reunite with her brother, Cal. But Alex is still in, so what now? I’m really curious to see how this will go on in season 7. In the final episode, the kickball match is going on and everyone was prepared for the final ‘war’ but funnily enough, no one actually injures anyone and they actually started playing for real and to enjoy the match. Since both of the ‘supreme’ leaders killed each other, I suppose that “Daddy” and “Badinson” will now take the crowns as new leaders, but we will find out in 2019.

Overall, the new season is quite exciting, different and worth watching. Yes, the ending was bittersweet  but I’m pretty sure that things will change in season 7 which will be the final season of the series. What do you think? Will Alex survive the remaining time in prison to re-unite with Piper? Will there be any justice for Tasha after all? Was black Cindy a total b*tch for what she did? We will find out eventually but I would love to see what other fans think.

Flo Weiss
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