Summer Vacay Coming Soon

We’re almost in the middle of July and I just can’t believe that half of 2018 is already gone. Anyway, the good news is that vacay is almost here and this year things will get way special as I will be spending one week in…*drums*…*trumpets*..Prague, Czech Republic. Yes, it’s finally time to continue my European tour but this time in the heart of Europe. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this city, tons of reviews and I’ve also seen lots of pics.

The good news is that, since I really enjoyed my stay in Budapest a few months ago, I will also be spending a few nights in Budapest as well. I will try to document my whole trip and hopefully write a decent article. Talking about article and reviews, I’m currently working on my article about my trip to Bratislava, yes, a bit late but it’s on the way! Aaaand since I’ve also been in Belgium quite recently, I will be writing an article about Liege and how beautiful and astonishing this city is. Stay tuned, I promise I’ll be more active! 🙂

Florin Marian Suciu
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