Trip to Budapest, Hungary

Arighty then, it’s finally time to write about my small adventure that I had at the end of the last month. The reason why I decided to go on this trip was to recharge my batteries after quitting a really demanding and terrible job that I did a few months ago but also this was the perfect opportunity to re-unite with some of my favorite #Erasmus friends from my experience in Zadar.

I want to send special thanks to Anna from Poland and Estzer from Hungary for being with me those few amazing days but also to Milica for every advice and for guiding me throughout Bratislava even though we didn’t had the chance to meet again. In a few words, my trip was great. I discovered lots of great places in Budapest and also I got the chance to explore more both sides of the city (see my first experience in this great city here).

I arrived on a really sunny Saturday with the amazing #Flixbus even though we experienced a short delay, the trip was overall great (they have wifi and comfy seats on flixbus). Anna was waiting for me at the bus station and then she helped me find my hostel (which was really great btw, I’m recommending William’s Guest House). On Saturday we walked around Pest and drank some amazing Hungarian beer (Dreher is life, must try!) and we caught up with everything that happened since Zadar. The evening was perfect! Anna took me to this great restaurant where we had traditional Hungarian dishes (Gulas). Sadly, but funny, I almost poisoned myself with the paprika sauce, thinking it was tomato sauce, but hey, I survived! We then went to drink a beer on one greatest bridges in Budapest where we enjoyed the sunset. It was the perfect ending for day no.1. Take a look at some pictures:

The place where we had Gulas is called ‘For Sale Pub’ and it’s a really interesting place, every wall and ceiling is decorated with messages from tourists all over the world. As a bonus, each table gets a boll full of american peanuts and you can eat as many as you can for free. The food is great! If you want to try this place, remember that you need a reservation before.

The next day I visited several museums, my favorite being the National History Museum which was really close the hostel. They have some impressive galleries, including a gallery named and dedicated to Transylvania and nope, I didn’t dare to tell someone there that I was Romanian. Thumbs up though! The museum is really breathtaking and it’s worth visiting even though the tickets are a bit overpriced for people under 26 (in Sweden for example, entrance at the museums if free if you’re under 26).

Who says Hungarians don’t love Romanians? Erh, don’t bother to answer! 😀 I was shocked to see that they had a gallery dedicated to the Romanian Communism Period and to Nicolae Ceausescu. Here is the proof:

I’m sorry about the low quality pics, my camera is a bit old and it’s not suitable for low light but anyway, here are some more pics from the museum:

Annnnd I finally got the chance to visit Buda, the other side of this perfect city. You will find out that Buda is quite different from Pest but certainly still as spectacular. The castle, great restaurants and lots breathtaking views you can find them all there. Here are some bonus pics:

This trip was amazing! A great way to recharge your batteries and I just can’t wait for the next one which is coming…this Monday! Next up, don’t miss my blog article about my trip to Bratislava. #ComingSoon

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