Eurovision 2018: The end (inserts chicken emoticon)

This Saturday, the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest took place and Israel was crowned as the winner of the competition with a total of 529 points, beating Cyprus – the ultimate favorite to win the whole thing and who came in second with 436 points. The competition was fierce, especially after the jury ranked Austria, Sweden and Germany as their favorites, kicking Israel and Cyprus from their top positions. Thankfully, the televote (aka the people at home who voted, the plebs like me and you) saved the evening and gave the victory to Netta from Israel.

This year things were quite intense, we had some really good national selections (nope, Sweden, not you this time) and finally, I can say that I actually love the winner (especially after who won last year, yikes). I didn’t had time to watch many national finals due to famous ‘Busy Season’ of the company that I used to work for but now things will change for sure. Can’t wait for the next adventure in 2019 in Jerusalem, Israel!

I was also rooting for Cyprus to win it because they never won it before and Eleni’s performance was beyond spectacular but either-way, I am happy for Israel and I loved ‘Toy’ since day 1. Congratulations Israel and see you soon!

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  1. That’s all? Nothing about UK or other gossips?
    Power to the people, glad Israel won, but also stunned by Cyprus’s performance.

    1. I didn’t want to focus on the negative stuff. I feel bad about what happened to UK this year but I’m also happy that Surie found the energy to finish her performance in a great way, so thumbs up for her!

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