Eurovision 2018 Semifinal 2 Impressions

I never thought I would write this article with a sorrow in my heart but here it goes…Romania failed to qualify for the first time ever since the semifinals were introduced in 2004 and the feeling was…well…something I never thought I would experience but eventually all good things have to come to an end, right?

But who’s to blame? The national broadcaster? The artists? The HoD? The fans? I seriously have no idea, but maybe everyone has their fault in this situation. Vocally speaking, Cristina, the lead singer of the Humans, was on top and she absolutely nailed it while the song…well the song was average but somehow deep in my heart I really hoped that we would still qualify according to the other aspects.

Did we deserve to fail? I don’t know. In my opinion, Romania had a better package than the Netherlands or Slovenia but it’s OK. This failure is a great opportunity to learn that things need to get a bit more serious and hopefully, though I doubt it, TVR will put more efforts in assigning a better HoD and someone who actually knows how to do Eurovision will get the chance to make Romania better again.

For example, take a look at the new HoD’s that literally made their countries a Eurovision Powerhouse in the last few years: France with Edoardo Grassi, reviving his country from the ruins where it has been for many many years and also Bulgaria, from the country that failed so many times since 2007, with the new HoD appointed a few years ago, Bulgaria has now became a huge Eurovision PowerHouse and damn they’re lucky. I should also mention the eternal Christer Bjorman, even though I think he’s influence over Eurovision is a bit too much, made Sweden what Sweden is for so many years.

In Romania we have this lady, that, well, she just does what she wants to do. No Eurovision knowledge whatsoever but for some reason Eurovision fans love her for…God knows what. We need a new HoD, Selectia Nationala needs a revival, a new format (and not the kind of format we used this year, yikes). We need to encourage good composers to enter the selection, start the selection procedures in October or even September. This is 2018, not 2007. We need to evolve. Also, one important aspect is that Eurovision is not only about the music (forget Salvador’s speech), Eurovision is the full package: music, show, performance overall. All these need to form the perfect package in order to do well and all of them have an important role in the outcome of the show.

I hope that things will change and that we’ll get back on our feet stronger than ever and finally bring the trophy to Romania cuz’ we so freakin’ deserve it. I didn’t had any specific favorites in this Semifinal since all my favorites were in the first one, but congratulations to all countries that made it and let’s hope for a great winner on Saturday! cheers! 🙂

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