Eurovision 2018 Semifinal 1 Impressions

Whoah! What a great show it was last night! A total of 19 countries battled for a place in the Grand Final on Saturday but sadly only 10 of them managed to get that spot. Last night was intense, mostly because there were some really big victims such as Azerbaijan and Greece but the biggest one was Switzerland which had a flawless performance but sadly, somehow, it failed to qualify. Greece had a great song with traditional sounds and everything but sadly, vocally speaking, it wasn’t so good and the performance itself was….kind of boring.

Azerbaijan was one of the few countries that still had the 100% qualification rate with Romania, Russia and Ukraine but sadly last night it all came to a tragic end when Azerbaijan failed to qualify for the first time ever since 2008. I feel bad for Aisel, her performance was quite good, as well as the song but I guess this semifinal wasn’t right for them.

Surprise qualifiers in this semifinal: Albania, Austria and….Ireland. I don’t know (or at least I’m pretending not to know) why Ireland even qualified. If I’m honest, vocally speaking, he was great but the song really isn’t something special. I don’t think it deserved to qualify, but anyway, congratulations!

Winners of the night: Cyprus, Israel and Bulgaria. Perfect performances, especially Cyprus (on replay now btw). I really hope one of them will win the whole thing on Saturday. Now things are about to get serious as my country (Romania) is still fighting to keep our record intact and hopefully we can qualify for the forthcoming Grand Final so…fingers crossed on Thursday!

Flo Weiss
Growing up in a small town in Western Romania, I never thought I would get the chance to travel the world, yet here I am, making dreams come true. You just need to be dedicated, passionate, and always eager to try new things and never step away from being yourself.