I’ve decided to make a great step in terms of blogging and to upgrade to a better and more organized content without continuing on with is a great platform as I previously mentioned in one of my articles but sadly they have been dealing with weird situations lately and on many occasions I had issues with displaying my pictures, domain block and so on.

Thus, since I want to improve my blog and write more often, I bought a decent hosting server for my own and hopefully I won’t encounter anymore of the issues described above. Any blogger that aims for a professional look and a more better way of exposing content, should upgrade to a selfhosting server. Ever since I started ‘playing’ with these free platforms (Blogger, WordPress, etc) my knowledge regarding blogging and styling has increased considerably and now it is time to step up my game.

Growing up in a small city, I never thought I would get the chance to travel the world, yet dreams can always come true. You just need to be dedicated, passionate, and always eager to try new things and never step away from being yourself.