I’ve decided to make a great step in terms of blogging and to upgrade to a better and more organized content without continuing on with is a great platform as I previously mentioned in one of my articles but sadly they have been dealing with weird situations lately and on many occasions I had issues with displaying my pictures, domain block and so on.

Thus, since I want to improve my blog and write more often, I bought a decent hosting server for my own and hopefully I won’t encounter anymore of the issues described above. Any blogger that aims for a professional look and a more better way of exposing content, should upgrade to a selfhosting server. Ever since I started ‘playing’ with these free platforms (Blogger, WordPress, etc) my knowledge regarding blogging and styling has increased considerably and now it is time to step up my game.

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Eurovision 2018 Review

Eurovision 2018 Review

I know you’re all interested in my personal life according to the results

It’s adventure time

It’s adventure time


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