Eurovision 2018 Review

I know you’re all interested in my personal life according to the results from the poll in my previous post but today I will be focusing on Eurovision 2018 and a bit on Melodifestivalen. Before I will start dissecting the ‘monster’, let’s analyse a bit how Mello was this year. Uhm…well…not exactly disastrous but extremely poor in musical quality and zero desire to win ESC all over again.

I was really excited to see those few big names in Mello this year (Mariette, Benjamin, Miss Mother Andersson) but hell their songs were just OK, not even a single banger. The winner (Benjamin) is Okay-ish, clearly not a top 10 contender in Lisbon and for those of you who did not hear his microphone only version, yikes, stay away from it. I really liked Mendez even though he clearly can’t sing (the juries took care of that)  and overall that was it, not even a single song to replay all over the year. Melodifestivalen 2018 was extremely weak and poor compared to the previous 3 years. Apparently Bjorkman thought that mello became too focused on ‘serious’ songs thus, we ended up with a lot of creepy songs that in his vision, should have been something fun and enjoyable….well it wasn’t. I still have nightmares with that creepy fat dude with huge forks and spoons. Yikes! And I shouldn’t even mention Fab Freedy! Triple Yikes! 

Okay now, back to the real deal: Eurovision 2018. Wow. It is a different year and some say a weird one. It’s no secret that Israel is favorite to win the whole thing in may and I do hope it will end up like that, but now it depends on the live version which I hope it will be a banger. I didn’t had time to listen properly to all songs yet but I’m in that phase of analyzing them. 

All I can say for now is that Semifinal 1 is clearly a bloodbath, a lot of goods songs there and some of them will be the victims of 2018. Countries that I like: Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Israel, Estonia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Finland, Armenia, Switzerland and Cyprus. The others are on my black list for now, but who knows, things might change till may.

Semifinal 2 is decent, most of the weak songs are there and the wannabe winner Alexander Rybak (aka thinks he won rightfully but we all know that either Rebecca or Stella deserved to win that night). Obviously (A.R) is confident that he will qualify and I do hope that Netta will crush that silly song of his in the final. I know it’s not his fault that he won MGP but Gosh I blame those silly milf hormones that voted for him. Seriously ladies, get yourself some real music. 

I really like Malta, Australia and Serbia in this semifinal while the others (including my own country) are still meh for me. France is my absolute favorite from the finalists while my no.1 is Israel. I said at the beginning of this post that this year’s Eurovision is a bit weird due to the fact that countries that usually sent amazing bangers (or bops as they are now called) are now sending weird and boring songs (aka. Ukraine, Sweden, Russia etc). 

Overall, I think we can have a great winner and hopefully we can skip Oslo 2019, right? I mean we don’t want another year without Leds and high quality show stuff, don’t we? Imma say #TelAviv2019 is a better option. What do you think? 🙂 

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Aloha. I’m back!

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