Celebrating One Year of Blogging

I started writing on a blog many years ago (around 2009 I think) and it continued for many years until I decided to stop. Blogging got me into some serious deals, one my favorites was when I got selected as the official blogger for the Romanian Eurovision National Selection in 2012 & 2013. Thousands of people closely followed my reactions, thoughts and description of the events. I also had the amazing opportunity to meet international artists and multiplied my passion for Eurovision 100 times.

During my second Erasmus experience (Croatia) I decided to start blogging once again because of all those amazing trips that I had and I just wanted to share a bit with the world all those incredible, wonderful and perfect memories. I remember writing one of my first posts after a ruff visit at the dentist (awch) and I remember creating this blog during a study night at the dorm with one of amazing Erasmus friends (Eszter, if you are reading this thumbs up and still waiting for your blog). For some reason I gained a lot of visits (gracias, thank you, merci) and it melts my heart to see that people actually keep in touch with my posts.

I also want to thank @Nouw for their amazing services and without them my blog wouldn’t be here today. Creating a blog on Nouw.com is way better than using other platforms and for this I will write a different article soon. Almost 6000 people checked out my blog in the past twelve months from many different countries, below you can see the top 10 countries that read my blog. Here are some statistics for this amazing year:

Florin Marian Suciu
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