Spotify surprises me with an early Xmas gift

Yes people. I’ve been waiting for Spotify to launch in my country for years now and this will finally happen in less than 10 days, more exactly on 28 November. I started using spotify since 2014 during my first Erasmus experience in Portugal and since then I never stopped loving this amazing service. Of course, since Romania didn’t enjoy this luxury I had to log into my spotify account with different VPN services and it was a harsh time given the fact that I wasn’t able to use their premium options.

Now I’m the first Romanian to get access to their premium services with two weeks before the official launch. I feel honored and grateful for it and hell yeah it feels good to finally enjoy high quality music in my own country. Thank you @Spotify and you guys better stay tuned for the official launch coming soon! 🙂

Growing up in a small city, I never thought I would get the chance to travel the world, yet dreams can always come true. You just need to be dedicated, passionate, and always eager to try new things and never step away from being yourself.