Heating up for Eurovision 2018

The National Finals season for 2018 has recently kicked in with news regarding national finals across Europe and even the Latvian songs being released during these days. Even though my job is currently draining my energy completely, I still found some time to catch up with this crazy thing that is obsessing me for years now, yas, that’s Eurovision.

I’m mostly excited for this new season because we will have a lot more national finals than usual and for me it is completely surprising giving the fact that we will see national finals coming from Montenegro, France, Serbia and whatever San Marino is cooking up. As I previously said in my other articles, each Eurovision winner has an effect on the forthcoming contest, for example, Jamala’s dramatic ballad has lead to an overflow of ballads in 2017…now with Salvador’s ballad winning the whole thing should we expect another year full of ballads?

It is very interesting to see that some countries imposed that their entry for Eurovision 2018 should be sang in their native language (Slovenia, Serbia, Greece etc), probably an effect of Salvador’s song which was sung in Portuguese. I never thought I would live to see Portugal win with a song in Portuguese but hey…it happened!

I just love the fact that we will get to see more national finals (more songs) buuut I hate the fact that probably (most likely) a lot of them will be organized during the same day, same hour and so on. Even though, Melodifestivalen still remains a priority for 2018 as well, so whoever wants to organize a national final on the day with a mello semifinal or final…well let’s just say that i’ll catch up later. 

I’m super curious about the French, Serbian, Romanian and many other national finals and I just can’t wait to see familiar names or hear songs that will probably mindf*ck me the whole year. Let the games begin! 💚

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