Gothenburg Museum of Art

It’s been more than two months now since my trip to Gothenburg happened, but I still think of it and I just can’t wait to go back. I already posted a lot of pictures that I made in my initial post here, but still, I kept some special photos for other posts such as this one. Today I will be talking about the Gothenburg Museum of Art which hosts a lot of famous paintings from famous artists but also many other interesting things.

The museum has six floors and you can explore art from the Renaissance to the present day. The amazing part about this museum is the fact that the admission fee is zero if you are under 25 years old, thus, I got the chance to explore everything there for free!

Growing up in a small city, I never thought I would get the chance to travel the world, yet dreams can always come true. You just need to be dedicated, passionate, and always eager to try new things and never step away from being yourself.