Eurovision 2017: The Final

It’s been a long and fun night yesterday and another Eurovision just became history with Portugal winning for the first time ever after almost a half of century of competing in this contest. I’m happy for this country even though I wasn’t a fan of the singer or of the song. Did Portugal deserve to win? Yes, they did, since both the infamous juries and the general public had Portugal on the first place.

The secret of winning the Eurovision Song Contest just became more clearer, you need the full package but also you need that something special. How was Portugal more special than the other countries? Well everyone focused a lot on the show (Greece tried too much) while this guy from Portugal didn’t even use the big stage to perform and gave a simple and a humble performance. Obviously that attracted a lot of attention and the result was as it was.

Right after he won, he delivered a speech which was quite confusing and made a lot of people regret voting for him. He called the other songs as ‘fast-food’ music, a sentence used a lot in his press interviews. Overall, I think it was a deserved win even though I was hoping even in the last moment that Bulgaria could take it home for the first time ever. Maybe next year.

As for Salvador’s speech, I think that indeed there were some so called ‘fast-food’ music BUT that’s not the right way to deliver a speech (take notes from Conchita). In order to win Eurovision you need THAT thing to stand out from the crowd but that thing doesn’t necessary mean a simple and boring performance (Sweden 2015 won with a spectacular show just like many other ESC winners). It’s different every year and I can’t wait to see what the new adventure brings in 2018.

I’m proud of my country for being in the top 10 FINALLY. We had a great show, a fun song and a deserved place. Well done, Romania! Also, I’m proud of Moldova for getting their best placing ever and thumbs down for the juries who made a lot of victims this year. I voted for Belgium who placed 4th and got points from Romania (yas) and also, I voted for Bulgaria and hoped to see it win Eurovision but never mind.

We don’t need juries in the Eurovision Song Contest since they tend to be more political and corrupt than the public itself. I had enough of seeing good songs being eliminated in the semifinals because of the jury voting.

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