Eurovision 2017: The Semifinals

First of all, I have to apologize for not writing any feedback regarding the semifinals that took part a few days ago. I was both happy and unhappy about the outcome of each semifinal. For the first time in so many years, I used twitter to share my reactions over everything that happened during the semifinals with my friends. It was fun and I can’t wait to do it again during the Final tomorrow.

I was really unhappy to see that Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Macedonia and Switzerland failed to qualify. Those were great songs but sadly some of them had a very bad show/performance thus, the result was expected. I am very happy that Belgium qualified in the final. Yes, Blanche’s performance wasn’t perfect, she had a lot of vocal issues but her fragile attitude and emotions made me love that song even more. She is absolutely my winner of this Eurovision and I can’t wait to vote for her on Saturday.

The fact that she is natural while performing convinced me what music really is about. Maybe Salvador from Portugal, who is currently no.1 in the bets, will learn something about NOT pretending on stage to be a retard and faking everything. His attitude, jokes and overall reactions for the other songs are absolutely disgusting. Yes, his song is nice, I would LISTEN to it every time I can BUT visually, it is still disturbing. WHY does he need to pretend that he is a retard? He seems so fake and it’s so sad that Portugal’s only victory will be because of a social cause.

Thumbs up for Belgium and Blanche for being original and natural and I’m so happy to see that she gets A LOT of support from people around the world. I love her even more and she is absolutely my no.1 this year. Go Belgium!

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