Exclusive: Spotify to be released in Romania!

Oh my Gawd! Yas! After so many years there are some serious rumors about Spotify being launched in Romania this summer! I started using this amazing service back in 2013, obviously, illegally, just like all Romania does it. Since Spotify is not available yet in Romania, there are many methods that you can use to access it. Romanians know best since we adore to infiltrate in everything. The most common method is using another IP (#Sweden) to create an account and listen to music for free.

Spotify is not available in Romania yet but we have other services such as Deezer, Tidal, GooglePlay music, Zonga etc. I only tried Deezer, Tidal and Apple music. First, I went with Deezer premium. Sadly, you can’t find all the songs there and you just have to settle with that. To make it even worse, the premium version is now around 7 euros (which for my country can be quite expensive). F*ck it. After two months of Deezer Premium, I switched to Tidal.

Tidal is famous by being developed by JayZ and other several famous artists around the world. The service is nice but sadly, just like in Deezer’s case, you won’t find everything there. It costs around 5 euros to use it and I think it’s worth it but still Spotify can easily crush all of these.

Apple Music for Android sucks. You will get 3 months free trial but then you have to pay 5 euros to use it. The interface for android is really not friendly at all and it works really slow. Maybe on an iPhone works great but not on android. I used it literally 1 hour.

How do I know that Spotify will be launched in Romania this summer? Well, a famous IT TV Show or whatever that is already revealed this. Also, this guy bragged that he predicted a lot of services being laucnhed in Romania and he also predicted the launch of Spotify in Romania on his blog. I hope he is right, else imma leave him a nasty comment on that post.

Fingers crossed and hopefully me and other thousands of Romanians will enjoy Spotify Premium pretty soon. #Amen

LATER UPDATE: Apparently 19th of October is the day when Spotify will finally be launched in Romania! YAY! 🔥 

Another Update: It seems that the launch was postponed for another month due to some legal issues. 28 of November is the day when Romania makes a new step to 21st century. 

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