Eurovision 2017: Semifinal One Predictions

It’s that time of the year again. Also, it was a strong national finals season and now everything is wrapping up to the Grand Finale. Semifinal one is the strongest one and a lot of good songs will probably fail to qualify. It will try to predict and comment the second rehearsal of each country where we can see an actual preview on how everything will look on TV. Thanks Bjorkman for this btw. We have 18 songs in Semifinal one but only 10 will reach the Grand Final, let’s start the analysis:

1. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On

Sweden’s national selection is a blast but given the fact that they are using pre-recorded vocals in the live performance, things might get quite meh when they will reach Eurovision. Robin’s live performance sounded amazing at Melodifestivalen but seeing the rehearsals it made me drop Sweden out of my top 10. I still like the song though and obviously, Sweden will easily qualify this year, no doubt, thus it’s a YES and I will rank it with a 7 out of 10.

2. Georgia: Tamara Gachechiladze – Keep the Faith

Okay. I have mixed feelings regarding this song and performance. It’s the typical melodramatique Eurovision song, nothing special. For a while I thought they are preparing something really interesting for the performance in Kiev but apparently they ditched their initial plan and she will have a rather simple show. Hate her dress. Vocally speaking, she is impressive but the song is meh, performance is even more meh. I am predicting this to qualify in the Finals just because it will appeal to the juries, hence, it’s a YES and my rank is 4 out of 10.

3. Australia: Isaiah – Don’t Come Easy

To be honest, I really didn’t like this song at the beginning but now it started to grow on me. It’s not a special song, the performance is okay-ish even though I hate it when artists put their face everywhere on stage. Everyone wants to become friends with Australia and this country is in the top 10 every year now since they joined Eurovision. I find it difficult to believe that this song will fail to qualify this year and I can already see Sweden announcing 12 points to Australia. YES, Australia will qualify and my ranking is 5 out of 10.

4. Albania: Lindita – World

Holy sh*t, this woman CAN sing! She is incredible but the song is typical Albania and I find it difficult that this will appeal to a lot of people in the Semifinal. The show seems to be quite interesting but I don’t think it will be enough to see Albania qualify this year. I kind of like the song but no, no way this can qualify and even if it does, I would be really happy. My prediction is NO and my ranking for this song is 6 out of 10.

5. Belgium: Blanche – City Lights

Sadly, I must conclude this this country is the biggest loser of the year. They had the opportunity to create an amazing moment since Blanche’s song is unique and her voice is really amazing. What did they do instead? Well nothing besides dressing her up in a bride’s dress. Also, sadly, Blanche is not capable of dealing with all the ‘eurovision pressure’ and she ended up crying on stage during her second rehearsal. I just hope that she will be strong enough to do her best on Tuesday. I still love the song but the live performance ruined all my hopes of seeing Belgium qualify this year. My prediction is NO and my ranking (for the song) is 8 out of 10.

6. Montenegro: Slavko Kalezić – Space

This is probably the worst thing I’ve seen since ever. Sorry for the Simon Cowell moment but damn this is horrific. Song, Performance, Vocals….everything sounds and looks like the Devil’s private show on a Friday evening night. I was hoping that he could at least sing a bit but hell no. I won’t be making this my toilet break because I still want to laugh of the disaster this will be on Tuesday. My friends, strangely enough, love it. Now you’re probably asking what kind of friends I have lol. My prediction is a total NO and ranking 3 out of 10.

7. Finland: Norma John – Blackbird

Oh my god! Yas! This dark badass ballad is amazing! It was my favorite in Finland’s national final and I’m really happy they kept the same idea for Kiev. The show looks great and darkish and will probably do a great job. I love them and I hope to see Finland back in the final. My prediction is YES and my ranking is 8 out of 10.

8. Azerbaijan: Dihaj – Skeletons

I liked this song from the beginning even though I’m not a big fan of Dihaj’s style. Since I’ve seen the rehearsals, this song grew A LOT on me and it will get a respectable place in my top 10. Azerbaijan has one of the best performances this year and with no doubt, we will see it again in the final. My prediction is YES and ranking 9 out of 10.

9. Portugal: Luísa Sobral – Amar Pelos Dois

Sadly, Salvador is very sick and he couldn’t attend the rehearsals in Kiev, thus, his sister did it for him. Okay. I have mixed feelings regarding this song. I lived in Portugal for almost one year and I love the language but I don’t know what exactly to say about it. It’s has a very old-ish style, I love listening to it but visually it gets really disturbing. Sometimes I feel like I love it and sometimes I just skip it on my playlist. Strangely enough, people seem to love it but for some reason I find it difficult to believe that this song will qualify and even if it will, it will be because of the juries. I find it even more difficult to believe that this song could actually win the whole thing. It will get high points from Spain and Italy, that’s for sure. I will risk it and I will say that this song will fail to qualify. My prediction is NO and my ranking is 4 out of 10.

10. Greece: Demy – This Is Love

Oh well, first of all I was really disappointed of the outcome of this song given the fact that it was composed by one of the biggest names when it comes to Eurovision famous songs. Second of all, this song doesn’t deserve to qualify at all. It’s a cheesy pop song and the only thing that elevates the song is the live performance and overall show. I’m trying really hard to like this song but it’s just not working. Sadly, I think it will qualify and will probably steal Portugal’s place in the Final. My prediction is YES and ranking 5 out of 10.

11. Poland: Kasia Moś – Flashlight

My favorite in their national final. I absolutely love this song. I just hate the fact that she is a bit exaggerating with the vocals on the live performance but overall it’s a great song. I want to see Poland in the Final and I really hope this will happen. Her make-up tho’, I’m not gonna comment on that but ergh. I am saying that, YES, Poland will qualify and my ranking is 8 out of 10.

12. Moldova: Sunstroke Project – Hey Mamma

Even though I dislike the song, I have to admit that it’s catchy and fun. We might have a surprise and see Moldova qualify but I will take a risk and I will say that, NO, Moldova will fail to qualify. My ranking is 3 out of 10. I have nothing more to say since I wasn’t a big fan of the sax thing anyways.

13. Iceland: Svala – Paper

Well…I have mixed feelings regarding this song. It feels like a song from the 90s and I doubt that this could appeal to a lot of people on Tuesday. Vocally speaking she is almost OK, the show is nice but the song is kind of meh. I think this will fail to qualify thus, my prediction is NO. Ranking 5 out of 10.

14. Czech Republic: Martina Bárta – My Turn

Of finally, an easy one to predict. Well vocally speaking, I have nothing against it but overall the song and live performance is extremely tiring and boring. I am totally not seeing this through the finals on Tuesday. Better luck next year, Czech Republic. Prediction: NO. Ranking: 2 out of 10.

15. Cyprus: Hovig – Gravity

Oh lord, I hated this song at the beginning but now I started to like it. Even though I have a weird feeling that I might get it wrong here, I will say that Cyprus will qualify. Vocals are almost OK, the show is interesting, I don’t see why this song won’t get through. Prediction: YES. Ranking: 6 out of 10.

16. Armenia: Artsvik – Fly With Me

Oh my gawd, yas! I became obsessed with this song even though I found it quite weird when it got released in March. It’s an experimental song and I love everything from it, including the traditional elements. I have to say that this song will qualify. They could have done better on the live performance though. Prediction: YES. Ranking: 9 out of 10.

17. Slovenia: Omar Naber – On My Way

Ergh…this is such a tiring song. I hate it and I don’t see this qualifying at all. He is also not likeable at all. I don’t know what happened with Slovenia. Bring Maja Keuc back! 🙁 Prediction: Total NO. Ranking: 1 out of 10.

18. Latvia: Triana Park – Line

After’s Slovenia’s cancer song, this will finally wake up everyone. I didn’t like it so much at the beginning but now I think that Latvia will slay this year. Prediction: YES. Ranking: 7 out of 10.

Overall, here are my predictions:

  1. Azerbaijan – QUALIFIER
  2. Armenia – QUALIFIER
  3. Latvia – QUALIFIER
  4. Sweden – QUALIFIER
  5. Poland – QUALIFIER
  6. Australia – QUALIFIER
  7. Georgia – QUALIFIER
  8. Finland – QUALIFIER
  9. Greece – QUALIFIER
  10. Cyprus – QUALIFIER



  • Albania
  • Belgium
  • Montenegro
  • Portugal
  • Moldova
  • Iceland
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovenia
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