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Midnight Thoughts

Here I am, sitting in the study room at 2 AM in the morning with this creepy dude and trying to understand how the analytical procedures in financial audit work. I’m happy that I’m getting my sh*t together (finally) and hopefully I’ll have some serious progress soon. My vegan diet is going great since I already started feeling more light and life without sugar and meat isn’t that bad after all, though I still dream about it sometimes (chocolate ice-cream or that innocent bounty chocolate coconut bar yumm 😍). Okay, I’ll slap myself.

I usually hate it when bad things happen in the world but I loved it when a hacker published 10 episodes from Orange is The New Black two months earlier (Yas!). Of course, I have exams and I will be a good kid and I will wait for the official release even though it is tempting.🔥

I’m also trying to plan new trips and I’m seriously considering going for a few days in Cyprus, Bulgaria or Germany in late July this year. Travelling is now very important for me and I damn need it in order to boost myself to continue with this daily drama. 👌

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