How to Build the Perfect Blog

Blogging can be fun and it is quite easy today to create a blog and manage it but few people know how to actually optimize a blog and make it look professional. Here are a few steps that you need to follow in order to create the perfect blog:

Step 1: Choose a platform for your blog. There are a lot of platforms where you can create a free blog today. Some of the most famous ones are Blogspot and WordPress (the free version). Also, if you want a full running website, then you can consider Weebly (my favorite one), Webs, Joomla etc. The best thing you can do is to actually buy hosting and self-host your blog. This will surely give you more freedom when it comes to design and uploading content. I wanted something different for me, so I’ve chosen (the best blogging platform in Scandinavia).

Step 2: Create and manage the design of your blog/website. It is very important to have a friendly blog/website and here you need to take in consideration a lot of aspects such as: colors, banners, fonts, widgets, social media etc. Blogspot gives you a lot of freedom when you want to create your own design but obviously you need a bit of HTML and CSS knowledge in order to make it look perfect. Lately, I became passionate with simple designs that are concentrated more on the posts and keep everything simple and responsive. Simple is also elegant and doesn’t require a lot of editing. My blog for example is based on a black and white theme. The banner was created by me and I replaced the initial title and header of the blog. Also, I prefer slightly big fonts that have more impact than random simple ones or extremely ‘too much’ or exaggerated fonts (I’ve seen a lot of those here).

Step 3: Owning a domain. I think it’s very important for a blog that have its own domain. It’s not that expensive to buy one and it also improves your blog’s professional look and the way it can be found on google searches. The best place where you can find a cheap domain is You can find domain starting with even 2 euros, depending of the extension. After buying the domain, you need to implement it on your website (it’s not a difficult process and you can find lots of tutorials on YouTube, I will make one for soon). In my case, it is much better to have rather than

Step 4: If you will have a personal blog, then the content of it can be whatever you desire. Some people want to get money from their blog by using Adsense which is a google ad service which allows you to earn money by putting adds on your blog. I hate this even though I tried it in the past. A personal blog should focus on other stuff rather than earning money and making it look weird with silly adds on it.

Step 5: Use tracking widgets to find out if your blog gets visits or not. The main purpose of any blog is to write content for people and obviously you are interested to find out if you are getting lots of visits on your blog or not. Some platforms already offer integrated statistics to see if your blog is growing or not. In this case, I prefer another service offered by google which is called Google Analytics. With this free service, you can track your visits from around the world. It is easy to install and check it.

Step 6: Integrate your social media pages on your blog. Let’s say that someone discovers your blog and wants to keep reading it in the future. Why not add a Facebook page of your blog to gather your readers in one place and keep them updated with the latest posts that you made? This is the best way to build your own fan-base. Also, some platforms already offer integrated profiles where you can follow each other (for example

Overall, these are the main steps to create a good and professional blog. Obviously, I can write a detailed book by expanding each step and maybe I will do that one day. Blogging is fun. If you have any questions about anything discussed above, feel free to contact me on [email protected] or just leave a comment below.

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