Easter Mood: Installing

Easter is coming this weekend and I guess that my mood for it is currently installing….unless it will hit error due to the pressure of writing my dissertation thesis. I’m gonna spend a full weekend at home with my family and friends and obviously with my financial audit books since we got married recently. Recently I wrote an article about my Quater-Life crisis and as an update to that, I have to tell you that I’m feeling a bit better (financial audit book just dropped on my foot 😓) aaaand I hope that good things are about to appear in my life.

I already told some of my friends that I applied for an internship at the European Parliament, which can be a life time experience but the results will be revealed only in late July this year. If you want to take a look you can do it here on their official website. Basically anyone can apply for this internship but only around 600 people are selected each year. Try your luck and maybe we’ll get to meet in Brussels or Paris later this year! 😁

Overall, I’m eager to finish my thesis but that won’t happen soon and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring. Have a wonderful day because mine is already booked (financial audit book can be evil). I wish you all a happy Easter and stay tuned for my next post coming soon! 🐹

P.S: Here is the song which will represent Norway at Eurovision 2017 – my latest obsession. #GrabTheMoment.

Growing up in a small city, I never thought I would get the chance to travel the world, yet dreams can always come true. You just need to be dedicated, passionate, and always eager to try new things and never step away from being yourself.